Weekly update from the office – New colleagues and fighting the snowy weather

Happy Friday Worldwiders!

We are already in March and spring is just around the corner, but with cold temperature and all the snow here in Oslo, it feels like we took a big step back. We are doing our best to deal with the weather and we actually have started with some Thursday sports activities together.  This week we started off with some hardcore circle training and we ending things with a nice yoga session to find that inner peace, Namaste! Remember that we have a lot of different roles in locations with “Sun guarantee”.  Read more about it here Open positions or contact us directly and we will tell you more about it!

Some other big news is that we decided to hire 4 new amazing colleagues that started this week. We will be sharing their stories here on our website, make sure to get to know them!

To wrap things up, we wish you a great weekend from all of us here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide!

Adam Frykman - Delivery Manager
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