Weekly update from the office!

Hi guys!

Another warm and sunny week has past. We are so happy Oslo is so sunny, but at the same time everyone is wondering one thing: when does it end? This is not the typical degrees in Norway, so everyone is living like it’s their last day on the beach these weeks! Ice cream and summer clothes is the new every day and we love it.

This week we have got new clients, new positions and it’s been in general really hectic! We have so many candidates starting in August ready for their life time abroad in a international company, and we are busy setting up interviews and times for start dates. As Marte spoke about last week, we have opened up for the destination Vilnius in Latvia and we have exciting opportunities in Belgium, Amsterdam, Prague, Lisbon and many more! Do you want to read about our destinations? Click HERE!

Otherwise many of us are going for vacation or have vacation at the moment, and we can also feel that many people have left Oslo for vacation other places. The streets are less crowded and people are a bit calmer than usual. Summer feeling!

We hope you have sunny weather & something cooling to drink in your hand!








Happy weekend from Nordic Jobs Worldwide!

Henriette Husevåg - International Recruitment Consultant
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