Weekly update from the office!

Hi guys!

Another week is coming to an end and this week there has been no red days in Norway, so the team has really got into the recruitment race again!

First day of summer today, and the summer weather is here for real. Oslo is at its warmest it’s ever been in a long time. It’s important to enjoy the summer days in Oslo to the fullest, as this is the best days in the year, and I would also dear to say that Oslo is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world when the sun is shining 😉

Other than enjoying the sun, we have of course been finding jobs for our candidates all over the world! This week we even decided to have a competition between team Norway/Denmark and team Sweden/Finland! Brings out a lot of competitors in the office, and it’s also fun to see everyone so excited and enthusiastic about recruitment!

Can you guess who won? Leave a comment and we will definitely update you on that topic!

This Friday we will end with a team activity and some sun in Aker Brygge! Hope you all had a wonderful week, and we hope you send us your CV if you are thinking about a job anywhere in the world!
Tomorrow is a new day!

Henriette - International Recruitment Consultant
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