Another week has already passed and we have still been spoiled with the good sunny weather in Oslo. Last Friday was Midsummer day and since we have a couple of Swedes at the office we decided to celebrate it Swedish-style! Except for perhaps Christmas, I would dare to call Midsummer the most celebrated day in Sweden. Midsummer is usually celebrated in the countryside with nice food and drinks and dances around a pole with flower crowns on your heads. We did unfortunately not have the maypole but we enjoyed delicious food such as smörgåstårta, salmon, cheese pie, potatoes.. and of course, a summery strawberry cake – no midsummer without strawberries, right?



Our dear colleague Adam had his last day at the office on Monday and we are sad that he is leaving but exciting times are coming since he will continue working with us from Tallinn, Estonia. Now we have yet another reason to travel to Tallinn! And oh, did you know that we are currently recruiting for our clients in Tallinn? If you are interested in looking into opportunities in Tallinn or other places abroad for the upcoming months we currently have a lot of positions. In addition to Estonia; Malta, Greece, Portugal and Spain are a few to mention. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you find your next job abroad!

Wishing you all a nice weekend ahead!

Maja Andersson – International recruiter

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