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Happy Monday everyone, it’s another start of the week, once again. We had an eventful week here at the office. On Monday and Tuesday we had three new employees starting. Three very nice girls that had on-boarding the whole week. They have been learning very fast it seems like, so it’s going really well. This week will be their first week «on their own», that should probably be really exciting for them.

Vanessa, our senior recruiter, was also visiting from Lisbon, she worked here in Oslo before she moved back to Sintra, Portugal and is working remotely from there. She was here working next to us this week. It was really nice to have her back for a short time, I think everyone misses her a bit when she is home in Portugal!

On Wednesday we had a company lunch outside the office. A better lunch at Taverna’n, we had fun and ate a lot of delicious food. We also got some information about the future which was really exciting. Almost right afterwards three of our colleagues went to Dublin. They were meeting some of our clients there and also attended a job fair to spread our word and hopefully find some good candidates that are looking for jobs abroad. They got back on Sunday and we will tell you more about the trip in our update in the end of the week. Stay tuned!

Mads Nybakk - Photo and Video content creator
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