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Hello World!

As our ritual we end the week with some thoughts and updates about our week in the office, what we did and our workflow. 

Even though the weather in Oslo has gotten a little bit more windy, we have still been very energetic thanks to the sun rays shining in our office, I am still amazed by the fast change we experienced in the city, from snow flakes to sunshine so quickly!

We left off last week with a Surprise team Event and today I want to share with you our experience 🙂

We participated in a Motivational Seminar, trying to improve our mindset in order to deal with stress, anxiety and problems in a more positive and efficient way. Believing in your potential and exploiting all your capabilities is very important in your work but most of all in your every day life.

We were shown some basic techniques to influence our mind to think about calm moments or positive memories in order to relive those feeling of success and happiness  and trigger the right attitude.

After this intense session, of course we had to celebrate and relax. So we had a nice Aperol Spritz and tasty snacks with the entire team and announced the winners of our in-office competition.

Next week is going to be my last week as an Intern at NJW and i am just so sad to say goodbye to everyone but I can’t wait for whats going to come!


Giulia Berardinetti- Researcher
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