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Week update!

Week update!

This week has been exciting because we have had many new positions in Barcelona. Barcelona is always a good place to have positons in because it’s a popular place to work! Barcelona is now searching for Nordic speakers for many exciting sales positions and some positions where you can use the skill as a leader. Exciting times ahead!

We have also had people showing interest in the positions in Brno and in Gibraltar. Now we are really starting to get our candidates out there! It’s also so good to hear that the candidates who get jobs are really enjoying their experience and settling in fine! It is important for us to know that the candidates are having a good time whilst at work. Working abroad can be challenging and you must adapt to a new culture and a new life. This might not be easy in the beginning, but you will find yourself becoming more independent and that it will strengthen your own character.

We have experienced that the market for working abroad is expanding and the step to working is getting smaller. This might be because it is harder to become employed in their home country, but I also think it’s because of the globalization. The world is a smaller place. I also see the focus people have when it comes to international experience. Teachers in schools are telling their students to work abroad and study abroad.  I do see why they say that. It’s to stand out! Why compete with people who have the exact same education as you when you can work abroad?

The week is coming to an end, and we feel satisfied with our work and progress this week! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates through the next week.

The view from our clients office in Malta.

Have a good weekend!


Henriette Husevåg – International Recruiter

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