Week 18 Update: Meet our new Colleague Vanessa!

Hi Vanessa!

Dear Readers,

we have exciting news this week..we have a new International Recruiter in our team: Vanessa Sarmento!

My goal for this weekly update was to get to know her a little better, so we sat down in our nice office’s couch and I asked her a couple of questions… this is what I learned, hope you enjoy:)

Vanessa is a 34 years old smart woman originally from a small town called Sintra in Portugal, where she has lived most of her life.

Vanessa has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and has received the equivalent Norwegian Degree to practice her profession. She is not new to our beautiful city of Oslo at all, in fact, she moved here in 2016 to find the perfect job and tried different roles before going back to Portugal.  Once again in Lisbon, she entered the field of  Multilingual Recruitment.

Wanting to come back to Oslo for “the great career opportunities, one of the best societies, balanced lifestyle and awesome nature”  Vanessa decided to move again. She mentioned in fact how beautiful Norway’s nature is with a sparkle in her eyes and with admiration for the peaceful culture.

Once she moved back here, we were lucky enough to find her and invite her to be part of our diverse team.

Its been only a couple of days in the office but Vanessa’s  first impressions have all been amazing, she loves her new office and can see NJW’s great potential and  enthusiasms.

What else can we say?


Giulia Berardinetti-Researcher
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  1. Sónia Santos
    Sónia Santos says:

    I bet Vanessa will be amazing. She is a great and dedicated professional and as person as well.

  2. Ana Felix
    Ana Felix says:

    I hope Vanessa has a great journey and finds what she needs, she is a great worker and person. I wish her the best luck and for sure she wouldn’t let you down.


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