Update from the office – Week 5

Hello dear readers! It is the last day of the month. We are finally done with January and eagerly waiting for spring. The days are getting longer and we have much more light outside already, so we can see it bring out some smiles on our faces.

On Sunday last week, we came back from Lisbon and if we’re honest here, a bit tired after the trip. However, it was a super fun trip for us and it was good to just hang out with the colleagues, laugh and dance, in addition to meeting some of our clients. And what is more, we broke another company record last week when we helped 30 people in total to get a job in one week. That’s crazy, right? We have seen that many of our clients are starting up the year with opening up a lot of new, exciting roles for the spring, so if you haven’t already, take a peek at our open positions section here on our website.

Next week, we will have another normal week at the office and we are hoping to reach new records in the upcoming month. That means lots of hard work, lots of phone calls and especially team work. So, if you are ready for a new challenge and would like to know more about our newest job openings, maybe give us a call or pick your favorite recruiter (tough choice, am I right? 😉 ) and send them an email.

Now, we wish all of you a nice and relaxing weekend!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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