Two years later… Danny’s 2nd anniversary at NJW!

My name is Danny Claridge and I am the International Sales Manager for Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Today marks my second-year anniversary in Oslo and in the company.

In Athens

I want to write a post to take it back to the start. I want to explain to the new employees, the partners (clients) and the candidates just what it was like in the beginning and to show just how far we have come as a company.

So, in the beginning there was only one employee and that was me. We also had the two owners who were both Swedish visionaries living and working in Oslo for another firm. They discovered a gap in the recruitment market and decided it was the right time to start the company.

Lunching at Mr. Wing’s place

We recruit Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish candidates and connect them to companies and businesses all around the world.

Armed with a laptop and a phone my job consisted of finding clients that were facing challenges in recruiting these profiles before introducing them to our services. As with all business it started a little slow but after the first client came we quickly acquired more and more partners. We found ways to source candidates with interests in working abroad and we connected them to our partners.

The first year was a huge success and we saw the company grow from just me to 3 new colleagues. Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish personal that focused on the recruitment side of the company which allowed me to continue with the sales.

The first year was very much practice for our second year.

The owners came into the company full-time and we moved our office to a bigger more spacious one in the middle of Oslo. We created a marketing team and revamped our website completely!

Celebrating the new office space!

We brought in a fantastic new recruitment system and instilled new values for the company and followed them throughout the new year.

The company has really grown fast! It has finally lost that “start up” feeling and is starting to feel more and more corporate every day. We have gone from four colleagues to seventeen if we include our office in Barcelona, Malta and Oslo! Oh, did I mention we have an office in Malta and Barcelona now? Yes, that’s new and really has given us a new dimension.

A normal day at the office

I also forgot to mention our sister brand we have launched called Multilingual Jobs Worldwide. This is an exciting project because I can now add even more experiences to my CV as I will also get a crack at recruiting Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and many more. I also get to sign clients from these markets too! I love a new challenge you see.

On a personal level I am very happy with what I have achieved within this company, my job is to bring in new business and sign clients with a little bit of recruitment on the side. Out of the eighty or so clients we have signed I have provided around forty-five of them. I have made over one hundred and fifty thousand euros for the company in recruitments and added more value through colleagues making placements with the clients I sign, and account management. I love getting involved in many things an everyday Sales man wouldn’t normally get the chance to do as it gives me new experiences.

Visiting Malta

I helped with training the new staff, I have written text for the website, I also helped come up with the company values but all in all I couldn’t be saying these things without the team feeling and aspect we have within the company. Everybody shares ideas, and everybody is listened too and      taken into consideration but we all share tasks.

I have visited many countries and companies with Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Its kind of like playing in the champions league. One night you are performing in Greece another night you are down in Madrid. International business is fun, and this company has really put together a fantastic business plan and strategy. I hope we can continue to succeed as a team and as a company!

Team lunch time!

Two years later I am still happy that I left England for Norway, even if it is unbearable in the winter.

Danny Claridge - International Sales Manager
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