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The beautiful views and offices abroad!

The weeks are going so fast at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, and we are soon in June!

This week, we wanted to show you some pictures of the offices and the beautiful views that you can expect when relocating. It’s always great to know what you are relocating to and where you’re going to work.

We have a lot of companies in Malta, and under you can see some of the great locations and views they have. Who would not want to go there? The clients focus on a good environment, and that it should be fun to be at work! Here, you can see the rooms where the employees can play games and talk about the weekend and just hang out with each other.

Barcelona also has a great view from their office and I think the employees enjoy the sun into their office through the entire day. The office in Barcelona is located right by the beach, and allows the employees to enjoy some beach life in their lunchbreaks.

We also wanted to show you our client in Sofia, Bulgaria! Here, you can play games with your colleagues and really test your competitive personality! They also arrange Christmas parties and enjoy decorating for different holidays. Their focus on culture is very high and they like to think of their company as their “family”.


This was all for this time, but be sure to check in next week as we have more locations coming up with pictures.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


- Henriette/International recruiter


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