Simple Ways To Destress During COVID-19

The world is currently going through a very weird and difficult time due to COVID-19. We are all trying to deal with the situation in our own way and sometimes stress can creep up on us. Our daily life has changed, big plans, vacations, weddings etc. have been cancelled. At times it can be hard to know how to deal with these uncertain times.

We at Nordic Jobs Worldwide thought it would be great to share some simple ways to destress during COVID.

  1. Limit your news consumption. Browsing through internet, scrolling through social media, even turning on the TV to catch up on the latest news can be stressful, especially when almost all news are directed towards a deadly pandemic.
  2. Stay connected. You might not be able to see your friends and family. Try to find ways you can stay connected with your loved ones by making use of modern technology. Have virtual dinners with your family, maybe have some sweaty and fun workouts with your friends through Zoom or any video calling programs. You can even use Netflix Party add-on to simultaneously watch a movie with your loved on.
  3. Learn to cook. This is the time to learn how to cook, unless you are already a master chef. Brows through internet or Instagram and maybe cook the dish you wanted to try out for a long time, but you never had the time for it. There are no more excuses. Explore different cuisines, make delicious desserts, there are endless opportunities.
  4. This is also the time to develop a healthy sleeping schedule or let yourself sleep a little bit longer (or much longer) than usual. Take advantage of the fact that you have time to rest and recharge.
  5. Stay active. Although we have to practice social distancing, it does not mean that we cannot stay active. You can go for walks outside, if it is allowed, or you can actually try out a free online fitness class or just use good old Youtube. It is very important that we keep our body and mind healthy during this time. This will only provide us with more energy and positive cells in our body.


If you are at the same time looking for a job during this time, we at Nordic Jobs Worldwide is back at the office and ready to provide you with support in finding your dream job. There are companies who are slowly starting to recruit again!

If you are currently exploring your job opportunities, you are welcome to contact me directly on and I will be ready to support you!

Wishing you all a sunny Friday!


Enida Kapetanovic - Talent Hunter
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