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Silicon Valley – The Trend Setter

Silicon Valley, the trend setter! The place where innovation lives! Yes, Yes, this location does indeed have a legendary name, but what’s it like? How did it become what it is today? Let’s have a look!

Silicon Valley is in the Northern part of California and is within San Francisco bay area. The boom of Silicon Valley started in the twentieth century, with a growing industry within electronics, tech and IT. The area between San Jose, California, and San Francisco is by many, considered the making of Frederick Terman.

Terman was a famous dean of Stanford Engineering School, and he established what is now the Stanford Research Park. This facility tempted multiple technology firms to set up shop in the South Bay area, which at the time was considered very undeveloped. – One of them goes by the name HP (Hewlett & Packard), the founders of this enormous firm were students of Terman.

The name “Silicon” comes from the beginning of Silicon Valley, the Valley’s early success came from Silicon Chips or the hardware that utilized the chip. This in itself represents the very soul of Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley is a place where ideas are allowed to flourish. Where engineers come to create what many consider Science fiction.

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So that’s just some of the story! But you’d probably also like to know a little about what you can find in Silicon Valley! What do you want to see? Technological history, nature or maybe some place where Steve Jobs went to get his lunch everyday?

No really, we have no idea where Steve Jobs went to get his lunch everyday. What we do know is, many entrepreneurs went to this specific place called Buck’s of Woodside to get theirs. Legends say that this restaurant is the very place where ideas such as Hotmail and Tesla were created.

Alright, so you went to get some food, now what? Let’s go and see some real history! We’ll start with Cupertino that has been known to house some of the most famous company headquarters in Silicon valley. What about Apple’s Company store & Headquarters? This store is a little more than your usual apple store, here you can also get special merch such as Mugs and T-shirts. As we continue with our trip, we might as well visit the Intel museum at Intel’s headquarters. This 950 square meters of Intel’s history and manufacturing!

Then we can head over to the NASA research center, with exciting amusements such as the Exploration Center and the Moffett Museum. You’ll get to experience something that is a little different than your usual amusement park.

When you’re done with eating and you’ve gotten enough of the Tech business, it’s time to really go sightseeing! How about going for guided tour to a 160-room mansion? Winchester Mystery house has been under construction for over 40 years and is believed to be haunted.

Or you could go hiking MT. Umunhum, a 1060 meters high mountain that once was home to Almaden Air Force station. This station was closed due to toxic contaminants, but is now open to tourists and you can now visit the site and enjoy the view of Silicon Valley. As you continue your hiking trip, you can also visit Castle Rock State Park, that is located in Los Gatos. The park is located across all of Silicon Valley, but be careful with your time, hiking some of these trails can take up to 10 hours!

Hope you learned something new. Until next time!

Jonas Steen-Hansen - Talent Hunter
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