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Nordic Jobs Worldwide visits Malta

So last week Nordic Jobs Worldwide had the pleasure of visiting Malta again.

The trip was focused on meeting clients, extending the relationships and developing partnerships.

Partnerships is a word we love at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. We aren’t a supplier and we will never be one. We prefer to partner up with our clients and give them the best service we can. Values aside let’s talk more about the trip 😊.

So, we took 12 meetings in 3 days… Exhausting right?

During those meetings we had the pleasure of seeing the fantastic HR staff that keep the iGaming industry ticking in Malta.

We talked about the industry, life in

Malta, new positions, new offices, new processes all of it was new new new. The thing that was most important is that we understand each other better. We believe we can open more doors for clients and candidates and this is perfect for us.

The Island is beautiful, and the people are so welcoming. The Maltese accent is charming and easy on the ear. World cup fever has hit the island and the bars are booming with joy. People of all cultures and nationalities sharing happiness together, this what makes Malta so captivating.

Of course, with all the joy there are challenges such as a rising price for living but the iGaming companies are looking after their employees and supporting them every step of the way.

We have 20 clients in Malta and we see many opportunities, so we set up an office.

Nicole Galea will be our first recruiter and we will build from there. We will organically build our company from the ground up. This new acquisition will boost relationships with clients and create a win, win win situation. Win for client, win for candidate and win for Nordic Jobs Worldwide.

Business meetings no longer need to be via skype and live interviews can now be conducted in Malta and we love this! We hope that with this business move we can create more success for our partners and our candidates.

A great trip and 2 of the 9 nationalities that make up Nordic Jobs Worldwide were happy with the world cup results as England beat the Tunisians 2 goals to 1 and the Swedes beat the South Koreans 1 goal to 0 all in the space of three days.

We cant wait to come back and see how our office is growing and of course we love to see our clients!

Danny Claridge – International Sales Manager


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