Hello everybody and happy Friday!

Now that October has come to an end, I find it suitable to summarize the whole month in this post. And what a month it was! Trips abroad, new colleagues, new partnerships and new opportunities in exciting locations around Europe.

In the beginning of October we got a big and very welcomed addition to our team, when Jonas, Thea, Marita and Kelly joined us on our recruitment journey. Read more about our new colleagues and the project here.

In October we helped over 60 people to get a job abroad, which is a company record and something we are all very proud of! In addition, we opened a total of 48 new jobs in various locations around Europe. A standout among these is Luton in England, where we started a partnership with a new and exciting client! Would you also like to live abroad and work in your native language? Be sure to check out our open positions here.

To round things up, I want to share a video with you that my colleagues made during their visit to Greece. In the video you can follow Henriette, Nina, Danny and Rickard around in beautiful Athens, where they went to meet one of our biggest partners. We currently have many open positions in Athens and are more than happy to help you get a job in this unique city!

Kasper Sjöblom - Delivery Manager / International Recruiter
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