Meet our new colleague from Norway!

Nordic Jobs Worldwide just keeps on growing. We have added a few new people to the team, as you know, and it is time to get to know Marte Holt Larsen, our new International Recruiter with the speciality in the Norwegian language. I sat down with Marte and asked her some questions that would open up her a bit to you, our readers. Continue reading and see what she answered!

Hello Marte! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. I think our readers would first like to know a little bit more about you and your background, so can you tell us your story? Who you are and what you have been up to?

My name is Marte, i’m 23 years old and live in Oslo. I moved to Oslo 3 years ago to study HR and management.
I come from a small town called Stange. My interests involve traveling and being outdoors either going for a hike, running, climbing or go cross country skiing. I appreciate doing these things with my boyfriend, family and friends.

Why did you choose to study Human Resources?

I have always had an interest with psychology and everything that involves us human and how we can work better together and how to achieve our best. When you study HR you really get a great outlook on many different subjects, and i wanted to keep my career move as open as possible.

What made you apply to Nordic Jobs Worldwide?

I really loved the challenge to work in an international environment and to work with people from all over the world. Through school i also caught an interest in recruitment, so i really saw this position as a great opportunity to start my career.

Can you tell us about your favorite location in the world, New York? Why did you choose that location?

I have been in New York two times and I really enjoyed it! It’s such a colorful and exciting city with many opportunities. You can either just walk around enjoying a coffee around central park and look at all the cool buildings, or you can get wild with the all the shopping New York has to offer and explore the nightlife.

Do you have any words of encouragement for people thinking about going abroad?

You have nothing to loose! I really think that the experience to go abroad will change your life, not only career-wise but personally as well. I would like to go abroad for a period in my life, to get the opportunity to see and experience another country and culture, but also to get more independent and learn more about different languages.

So, there you go! We are excited to have Marte in our team. She is a sunny personality who brings us joy just being at the office always smiling and being positive. Welcome to the team Marte, we expect great things from you!

Nina Filpus - International Recruiter and Marketing Executive
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