Life in the Philippines

Today, we introduce you a special destination: the Philippines!

If you’ve been searching jobs on our page, you might have noticed how most of them are located in Europe. Still, from time to time, our job seekers get unique job opportunities outside of Europe – this time in Southeast Asia! Therefore, it is about time to introduce the destination on our blog for those that are dreaming, planning, or about to move to the Philippines.

The country of 7000 islands, amazing nature, crystal blue waters and endless rice fields has 100 million Filipinos, which makes them the 13th most inhabited country in the world. What makes it a tempting travel destination is its picture perfect beaches, culture and great waves for surfing. If you are a friend of food and socializing, you’re looking at the right place!

The Philippines is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters.

Their culture is all about eating and talking – restaurants are widely open and you won’t have to worry about a dinner time as you’re supposed to eat at any time of the day you’d like. For vegetarians, restaurants are rising especially in Manila, whereas in the more rural areas it might be a struggle to find vegetarian food. The problem can be solved by simply ordering the dishes without meat. Luckily, there’s also help on the phone: you can look for vegetarian or vegan restaurants in the “HappyCow” App.

The climate in the country is simply two things: hot and humid. They have three seasons, divided to hot dry season, rainy season, and cool dry season. The buildings are always provided with air condition which ensures easy fitting while shopping and a good night of sleep in your apartment. The Southeast Asian location means also cheap pricing!


Even though in the culture they like to share food, you can have your own plate too in the Western style.

The living costs are low, which makes the salaries lower as well. Fun fact is, that Philippines is the 232nd cheapest city out of 363 cities in the world. Check for more details about the costs in Manila (the Philippines) on Numbeo (click here).

According to the page mentioned above, they have following prices:

  • Meal in an inexpensive restaurant – 150 ₱ (2,59€)
  • 3 course meal for 2 in a better restaurant – 800 ₱ (13,86€)
  • Loaf of bread – 53,56 ₱ (0,92€)
  • Beer in a restaurant – 55 – 100 ₱ (0,95-1,73€)

Due to very low pricing in restaurants, it is often even cheaper to eat in a restaurant every day than cook at home – talking from personal experience. I studied last spring in Thailand and I came to learn how easy it is to grab your lunch, snack and dinner at a restaurant, as they tend to be everywhere! Philippines is said to have even cheaper food than Thailand and have a similar food culture. In both countries, dinner time is for socializing, food is for sharing and restaurants are located around every corner. Also, don’t forget local street food and markets!

The Finnish speaking Customer Support Advisor position is located in Manila.

Apart from cheap food, talkative people and beaches to lay on, the Philippines have a great list of colorful festivals held in the country. Their other official language is English which makes it easier for travelers and international residents. Right now, we are waiting for green light to open the application for Finnish speakers in this wonderful destination. If you’re ready to experience living there, let us now!


Terhi Raudaskoski - Talent Hunter
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