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Let me introduce our new destination, Vilnius – the capitol of Lithuania

Vilnius is a charming city. Here you can enjoy all the pastel-colored alleyways and buildings. This is a city where you can let your pulse fall and really enjoy. Vilnius is the largest city community in Lithuania and at the same time the city with the greatest ethnic diversity, where citizens of Lithuanian nationality account for less than 60 % – so here there is room for everybody!


Vilnius is not that big, but that gives you the opportunity to just walk around, through the streets in the City center and the Old Town. The Old Town offers pleasant bakeries, cafes, restaurants and pubs. Enjoy a beer for under 2 euros, delicious meals ranging from vegan to local treats and international food. There are great opportunities for charming hotels and living for a cheap amount of money. Transport is as cheap as it can get, whether you choose taxi, bus or uber – a ten-minute ride can cost around 5 euros, so you can easily travel around.

Visit Uzupis as well! Uzupis is a neighborhood in Vilnius. In 1997 the district declared itself as an independent republic. Here you can get inspired by all the street art and beautiful colors, and the padlocks on the bridge. In Uzupis there is a lot to explore – don’t miss it!


Experience art museums, beautiful churches, the cathedral and all the beautiful walls that are decorated with artistic tiles. If you want to “burn your wallet”, Vilnius can help you with that. Explore the shopping opportunities with all the known international stores. The climate is mostly like the northern part of Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden, but during the summer you can enjoy a hot summer day above 30 degrees.

So here is our new destination! Our latest position here, is for a global trading company, where you will work as a Sales and Trading agent – really exiting role that will develop your career.

Marte Holt Larsen - International Recruitment Consultant
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