International Career path. Which paths can you take, when you’re looking to build a career internationally?

Working internationally is something that many of us want to do at least once in our lifetime. Many believe that going abroad is something that you do for 6 to 18 months, and then go home. But is it really like that?

True, advancing in your career and company is something that does depend a lot on you, but there are a lot of opportunities lying around when you work internationally. Which path you want to take is of course interest-based, but let’s talk about the customer service and technical support occupation for starters. In the support industry, our clients show career paths with over 40 different options and multiple ways to move forward in your career. Maybe you’ve got a knack for getting in touch with customers, or love communication. Working as a trainer, supervisor or quality assurance is something that could be a good fit for you. In these occupations, you can help teach your coworkers how to develop their skills, improve the overall performance of your company and you can even help move somebody else’s career forward! Opportunities to become a leader is something that you’ll be able to find going abroad. With loads of companies and opportunities, most of these companies need new and eager leaders to move their departments and teams forward. If you believe that you’ll be able to lead a team, you can always find something suitable abroad.

Alright, so we touched upon the support jobs and their career paths. But what about all the other fantastic opportunities?

Marketing is something that has been growing enormously in the last couple of years, but it’s not always easy to grow into a marketing position in your home country. Fortunately for us, there are so many companies abroad looking for their new marketing genius! If you want to develop in this kind of a career, a lot of companies are looking for copywriters and content writers, offering career paths going into positions such as country editors or site managers. Imagine growing inside a company, learning from each step on the way to success!

And of course sales is something that always shows up internationally. And no, I’m not talking about selling phone subscriptions. Did you know that most huge and international companies, decide to centralize their sales offices in a specific country or city? That means that if you want to develop your career in sales into becoming an account manager or account executive, you’ll be able to find more opportunities going abroad and starting to work in these sales offices.

Moving into more specialist occupations, we’ve been talking a lot to our clients about their finance departments. Just like with sales, most companies like to centralize their efforts when it comes to specific sectors such as finance. So if you want to start working in the finance department of a billion-dollar company, looking into moving abroad and going into roles focused on dealing with customers of your native language is a great opportunity!

This was a little recap about the different development opportunities you can have abroad for example in our client companies. If you’d like to discuss them in more detail, you can always contact one of our recruiters and ask them for more specific help.

Jonas Steen Hansen - Talent Hunter
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