How to write the perfect CV? – 10 tips on how to make yours better!

A CV is something that is needed almost every time when applying for a job. The purpose of it is to give a good overview of you and your skills, hobbies and most important qualities. Today I wanted to give everyone some tips on how to make the perfect CV!

  1. First, starting with the basics: Make sure that you don’t have any mistakes in your contact information! Remember to put your information there in the first place too. Check that your email address works, and that the inbox is not full. Also ensure that you do not have spelling mistakes or other mistakes in your CV. The paper is not that long that if you do it properly and with care, you shouldn’t have any mistakes.
  2. Pay attention to the overall look of your CV. Does it look neat and is it easy to read? I see a lot of CV’s that have too much or too little information or written all together in one big pile of words. You can’t see where one thing starts and where the other one ends. It is very frustrating to read. Also, it tells a lot about you if you put a lot of effort in making it professional looking. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult and special with all the bells and whistles, the content is the most important thing, just as long as it is easy to read and the appearance of it is clear!
  3. List all the most important experience you have regarding this specific job you are applying for and a short description about your main tasks. Especially when applying abroad, this is very helpful since a lot of the companies in a certain country are totally unknown to people from other countries, so the name of the company doesn’t tell them anything. The information that recruiters are looking for, is what have you learned in that position, what were your responsibilities and tasks.
  4. You can edit your CV according to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for a sales position, put emphasis on all the experience and knowledge you have on that subject. Open up more about the tasks you had in the company where you did sales and maybe a little less about working at some other field. Of course, it is important to have all (or at least most) of your experience in your CV but you can emphasize different things every time because you have only limited space.
  5. If you have huge gaps between jobs, explain them in your cover letter or otherwise, because it raises questions and suspicion. It is better to be honest and explain everything before someone asks. For example, if you were taking time off to travel abroad for a year, mention that instead of leaving that space empty.
  6. If you do not have experience in the working world yet, try to think about all the other things that tell a lot about you. Things that prove your worth as a future employee. Hobbies, responsibilities or other interests and achievements in life! Ask your former football coach to give you a reference. It is important for the recruiter to have information about what you are like as a person! A lot of companies are also looking for the right person with the right kind of attitude and personality, so the work experience or education are not always everything.
  7. Read through the job description and the requirements a company has for the applicants, answer all the questions they might have in advance. Like for example if you are applying for a position that is a little less challenging or doesn’t require the high education level that you might have, describe shortly why you are still interested in the position to better your chances!
  8. It is good to add a good photo to your CV. Photos help the recruiter add a face to the text and that is something that helps them remember you later. It is usually much easier to remember something when you have some sort of a mental picture of something whether you’re studying for a test or connecting facts to some person. The photo should be taken for the CV. Pick a professional one, dating sites and social media are a different thing, this is your professional self that you want to bring forward. This doesn’t mean that you cannot show your personality in the photo, by all means, do that!
  9. Do not use clichés. You sound sloppy if you say all the things everyone else is saying too. Try to think about what makes you special and what are your strengths. Do not think about your negative sides, you don’t have to tell about them in your CV. Concentrate on the best qualities you have as an applicant! Sell yourself to the recruiter! Recruiters see a lot of CV’s so make sure yours really tells about you, what YOU are like.
  10. Add links to your LinkedIn profile or blog or something like that if it can help in getting this particular job and if it’s relevant. The more information is available about you, the better. Remember your references too, a lot of recruiters use them to get more details about you as an employee.


Putting effort to your CV can really help you get your dream job! If you use these tips when putting yours together you should have a pretty good result. Just start typing!

Nina Filpus - International Recruitment Consultant
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