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How to use Social Media on the job market

We now live in a digital society and social media has a huge role in the business world too. Companies have started to put more and more emphasis on their presence in different social media platforms and recruitment agencies use it as a source for finding suitable candidates. Surveys have found that most hiring managers will check out the applicant’s social media profiles when making decisions.

It has been said that most jobs are not out on any public platforms or even advertised anywhere, so it is becoming increasingly important for the job seeker to be the more active party when searching for their next opportunity. There are so many different possibilities in using social media as a tool for both recruiters and applicants.

I have listed some quick tips on how you could start using social media in your job search. If you’re interested, continue reading!


  • Jobs are posted in various platforms. A lot of people are probably stuck in their ways and only look for available job opportunities in the same places they have always looked. Sometimes looking for work can be exhausting, and the easiest thing is to stay in your comfort zone, in this as in everything else as well. Now that social media has become such a huge part of most of our every-day-lives it is no wonder that it shows in the employment industry too. Employers are also looking for new ways to catch the eye of great potential candidates and have been forced to add social media to the mix in order to reach the younger generations. So, think outside the box, and steer away from the norm you are used to and look for opportunities in new places!
  • Have a presence in social media, create a social brand. First, start setting up professional profiles on different social media platforms to begin forming your professional presence online. You don’t have to be active on every possible outlet, but at least the ones that you think are most suitable for your line of work. LinkedIn is, for example, a very good place to start. It is a place for professionals from different fields and gives you an easy access to the most amazing connections and conversations. On Twitter you can follow the most important actors in your field, learn more about them and post about your thoughts on important topics. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms there is, join job groups, professional groups or find your local experts to form social ties to people that might teach you crucial tips or help you on your way, when looking for your next step. Post a job search add on different job groups. Give someone the possibility to spot you and your skills by putting it out there! Remember one important factor. Try to keep a certain red line in in all your profiles. Make sure that your bottom line is clearly seen in everything you do. It helps, if you have defined your personal brand and you actually have an idea what you want, who you are and what your strengths are!
  • Social media is all about networks. What sense would there be without others sharing, liking, commenting and watching your content? Not much. The value comes from the people who are in your social network, so try to connect with the right ones. Follow the companies and the influencers in your field, get to know people that might have the right kind of knowledge or networks themselves. On LinkedIn you might try to form a good network from the field you aspire to make a career in. Network, network, network, and then participate. Comment, like, share and publish. Join groups relative to your field or your area. Join company visits, networking events and form professional relationships with talented people in those groups.
  • Do not forget Instagram. Lots of companies are already there sharing their stories and informing the world about their possibilities. A lot of people don’t yet use social media as a way to forward their career, so why not you start doing it? Give yourself the competitive edge! Just the other day I heard a story about one of my contacts on LinkedIn contacting a company they had followed and been interested in, as a career opportunity, through Instagram, telling them to check out her profile. Who knows, who is reading the private messages there and you might suddenly have an interview set up in your dream company!
  • Showcase your talents online! Social media is the perfect place to show everyone what you can do. There are so many possibilities to do that. Are you a writer? Start a blog! Are you a photographer? Use Instagram! You can even make your own portfolio-website. The sky is the limit! These links and profiles can then be used in your CV and your applications when applying for that dream job! In addition to this, remember to let everyone know in your social media profiles whenever you are a part of a project or if you have accomplished something special.
  • Tell openly about your job search. Tell that you are in the market for a new job, and also what kind of a job you are interested in. You never know who is reading it and what they might have to offer you!
  • Ask people you know to write a recommendation or an endorsement for you. An ex-colleague or a current one, your manager, someone you have worked on a project on in your spare time even. Imagine how amazing this can be, your possible future employer can get an all-round idea of you and your skills as well as references from past employers at a quick glance! You will have an incredible advantage compared to some other applicant who doesn’t have a social media presence.
  • Key words and hashtags. By using the correct keywords, for example on LinkedIn, recruiters will find your profile easier and it helps everyone understand better what you are looking for and what are your skills.
  • Audio and video are unstoppable in today’s online world. Text is being left more on the background and video is taking its place. So, the new, very effective way of getting yourself and your message out there, is to make a video application! How much easier for the recruiter to see your character and your personality than through watching you tell about yourself for a couple minutes in video form without going through all the trouble of interviewing tons of people. To open up this topic a bit more, I have to bring out another example from LinkedIn. One of my contacts made a job search video a week ago and got not 30 but 40 contacts from interested employers because of it and then got a job, in seven days. Could the next one be you?

I am sure that these tips will help you on your way to your next career step! Try them and let me know in the comments what happened. Dig that new courage out, make a plan and start carrying it out, be active, and in the end pick the fruit!

Nina Filpus - International Recruitment Specialist
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