How about Malta?

Living in Malta.

There is no doubt that Malta is a very popular destination for expats and there is a lot that this little island has to offer. Its 300 days of sunshine, history, culture and entertainment is what makes it most desirable not to forget to mention that Malta might be one of the best countries in the world for a good work-life balance.

There are many international companies here, one of the most popular is the iGaming sector since Malta is a hub and has over 300 companies working in this industry. Offering very competitive salaries and low taxes.

It is easy to live her and communicate since their second language is English and people here are very friendly and are always ready to give a helping hand to whoever comes forward.

Travelling around the island is easy due to its size, however the only downfall is traffic causing some delays.

Cost of living in Malta.

Malta is relatively cheap especially when compared to northern European countries.  A pint of beer at a small pub can go for as little as €1.50, food is very affordable, and public transportation is relatively inexpensive as well – 75c per journey if you have the ‘Tallinja card’ which is basically a top up pass.

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Rental apartments can be very easy to find all over the island. One can easily find a newly furnished 1-bedroom flat for €600 per month. It might be a bit pricey for some but if a group of friends are willing to travel & work together, they can split the costs and rent a luxurious apartment for €1500 enjoying high standard appliances and nice views! A simple message on this Facebook page will manage to get a lot of people contacting you about available properties.

Tax Rates: Taxation in Malta can be very attractive. 25% to be exact.

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Malta is becoming increasingly fit with a lot of youngsters joining the scene. You will quickly find a sports complex/gym in every town/village and many other sports events such as marathons, cross fit and more at least once a month joining with other people in the activity which is super fun! Events such as The Grid are very common.


Malta is spoilt for choices when it comes to entertainment. What can I say – the Maltese love to party! Once on the island one can also get to experience incredibly varied entertainment, making Malta an increasingly popular destination choice for its nightlife. You will also find many restaurants and bars offering cuisines from all over Europe especially Mediterranean and many delicious local dishes.


Malta is a great place! It is not for everyone, in fact they have a saying that goes something like  – ‘you either love it or don’t. It really depends on who you are and what your interests are here! With an open mind though one can easily fit it – Not convinced? I’ll leave you alone with this video that will surely raise a hair!

See you in MALTA!!!

Nicole Galea - International Recruiter, Malta
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