Happy Friday – Week 30 / 2019

Only a few hours and then we are cruising into the weekend vibes. The heat and summer weather have arrived and today it’s over 30 degrees in the city. We are super happy and enjoying life in Oslo!

We’re around 10 people at the office this week, keeping the recruitment going. Its busy times helping adventures people get a job now in the summer, but most of all towards the fall. Our top three destinations where we have hired new Nordic speakers this week is Greece, Malta and Portugal. They will all start in their new job in August. It looks like people living in the Scandinavian countries, have gotten a taste of the summer and want to move to a warm country more permanently. Maybe you feel the same?

We had 12 Norwegian and Finnish candidates that started in a new job in Barcelona on Monday. This was a Customer Service job for the one and only, H&M. We were happy to receive feedback from our candidates and manager in the company, that everyone had a smile on their face and really excited to start their career for such a successful company like H&M.  We wish them the best of luck in their new chapter in life!

Next week a few more colleagues will come back from their vacation and we are looking forward to being more people at the office. Fingers crossed that the nice weather will continue over the weekend, so we can continue with our lunch outside.

We wish you a great and sunny weekend!

Marte Holt Larsen - Delivery Manager for Team Norway/Denmark
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