Happy Easter everyone!!

Hello Everyone!

Today (Wednesday) was our last day at work before the Easter holiday begins for everyone. Many of our colleagues started their Easter holiday earlier, including our CEO, Rickard. He is currently enjoying the sunny weather in Bali. So only some of us were present at work this week until today, but we made sure every candidate got the chance to land or get closer to their dream jobs abroad before the holiday begins.

We also had an Easter competition in the office this week from Monday to Wednesday. Our aim was to help as many candidates as possible before the Easter holiday to find their dream job. Kelly from our Barcelona office won this competition by helping 14 people to get closer to their dream job.

The competition drew us even closer to each other as a team and spiked up our level of motivation, enabling us to achieve our goal and sign off in style this week with a smile on our faces.

Today, after lunch we also went to have some ice cream together and had some fun between work while enjoying the sunny weather in Oslo.

Now it’s time for us to go on our well-deserved holiday as well.

We are all wishing you and your beloved ones a very Joyful Easter break and we all say HAPPY EASTER!


Fruzsina Onyedikachi - International IT Recruiter
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