First week of February done, week 6 update!

It is time for this week’s update. We have had a very energetic week here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Maybe it is the spring sun that has been coming out more and more every day that’s given us more good energy or maybe it is the fact that we have just been on a roll with everything!

We have been getting in some new client companies and through that we have acquired two new locations for our applicants, Berlin and Manchester. Very exciting! So, go on and check out the new positions if you haven’t already! Additionally, a few new people have gotten their chance at working abroad in different locations this week, we congratulate all of them on their new jobs and wish them luck with everything.

Our newest addition to the team, our lovely Danish recruiter, Carina has started working full on! The on-boarding has gone great and she has already shown great potential. We are looking forward to seeing her development and her affect on the Danish market.

We are just finishing up this week’s tasks and once we’re done, we will go and enjoy our well-deserved weekend. We want to wish each of our clients, candidates and followers a happy and relaxing weekend! And to those of you who are working, we are sending lots of positive vibes!

Nina Filpus - International Recruitment Consultant
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