Feedback is the breakfast of champions

“Positivity is like a boomerang. The more we put it out there, the more it comes back to us!” – Jon Gordon

This year, we have been speaking about giving and receiving feedback a lot among our teams. How should we use it? When to give it? How to handle it? And many more other thoughts that circle around the topic. Especially with feedback that is a bit more on the negative side, or constructive criticism, it can be challenging to handle it in a perfect way. Also, positive feedback is often overlooked and forgotten. We feel that both are equally important. We have high ambitions here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide and we always want to develop, so we also always want to put effort into feedback. You have probably heard the saying that if you always follow the same path, you cannot expect different results. Giving and receiving feedback helps in finding a new path if you are stuck in your ways.

“Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth.” Doc Rivers

However, today our topic is mostly concentrated on positive feedback. Ever so often, we receive some feedback from our partnering companies and the candidates we work with. It always makes our day and gives us a huge smile for the whole day! We wanted to share some of the nice comments and stories that we’ve received from some of them. First of all, we received a very nice email from one of our Norwegian speaking candidates, Pawel, placed in Athens, Greece. He wanted to send his greetings from his new home town. Here’s what he sent us (text translated from Norwegian, pictures not shared based on the candidates’ wishes):

“I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures from my dinner two weeks ago when I invited people from work over. Most of the people in the photos are people who were recruited by you and now we work together. It turned out to be more than just profiles on or LinkedIn. You have also recruited a great friend-group. Can you recognize us on pictures; Iselin, Carl, Paola, Wasif and Me (Paweł)? We also have Levi with us, but he came from another agency. We are a bit more people in our group, but some could not come that day (Mariell was in Norway, Vendela was at work).

The best thing here is that people are close and get very good contact, and it turned out to be many nice people. We often do things together. We have been here a while now and everyone is quality assured by the projects/company. We are working on the same project in the company. Everyone has gone through internal tests and passed with great results.

This almost made us tear up because we always only want the best for our candidates and really hope that everyone will feel at home in their new home location, find friends and have a great time!

To continue with the happy news, we will share Alva’s candidate’s thank you message that we already shared earlier when he sent it. Fredrik got a job in Lisbon with the help of Alva and his comment was:

“This beer I am dedicating to my awesome recruiter! A huge thank you Alva!”

A huge thank you to you Fredrik, this made Alva and the whole team very happy! Thank you for spreading positivity. 🙂 Underneath, you get to read some of the other comments and thank you’s we’ve gotten from both our candidates and partnering companies.

“If ever in the future I will decide to apply for jobs abroad again, I will definitely contact you. I have gotten a great impression on how you work during the summer.”

– Mika, a Finnish candidate

“I have been approached by many headhunters, but with you it was a delight to be in contact with. I will highly recommend your company to anyone in the future!”

– Jonne, a Finnish candidate

“Thank you for a quick response, it was very nice to talk to you, you seemed like a nice person who knows how to put things in motion… I will not send any other applications anywhere else, since you took on my case so fast and effectively.”

– a Finnish candidate


“I must say that you guys are much more productive than the other agencies that we are cooperating with. You already found 2 candidates in a couple of days :)”

– Partner from Copenhagen, Denmark

“Can’t thank you enough for all the great candidates you provided us with throughout the year! We are truly happy to have you as a partner, and we’re looking forward to continue to keep the contact for future awesome candidates!” 

– Partner from Stockholm, Sweden

All of these are just wow! We want to thank ALL of our partners and candidates for the positive feedback you have shared with us. These make us even more motivated to do our best each and every day, so keep them coming. We will also remember to put the positivity forward in the world and praise others.

We wish you a very nice mid-week and encourage all of you to share some positive comments to whoever you are dealing with today, whether it is your spouse, child, colleague, someone who is serving you in a coffee shop or who you happen to come across today. Let’s make this grey time of the year a bit more colorful by doing this, right?!

P.S. Did you know we use a common hashtag for our people #worldwiders, feel free to use it to share your adventures with us. So, if you are our candidate, client or our friend you are one of us!

Until next time!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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