Today is a very big day for Nordic Jobs Worldwide.

Today is the day that we are launching our new office in the city center of Malaga.

During the years, we have been growing fast, and the development in our organisation has been outstanding and overwhelming. It has always been our dream to establish offices in some of our favourite destinations in Europe. As we are an international company, we value our clients, candidates, and customers all around the world. Building up offices with new international colleagues gives us the opportunity to get closer to and create even better success with our partners. We are doing our best to adapt to our values, and common success is one of the key words.

When I first started in the company in January 2019, I worked at our shared CO-working space in the city center of Oslo with only 8 colleagues. I worked as an international recruiter with focus on recruiting danish people to their dream jobs abroad. I had never in a million years imagined us growing up to 30 people in 1,5 years and watch myself travelling to Spain to set up a brand new office.

The last couple of weeks have been amazing and fun, after receiving a big amount of super interesting profiles applying for the positions, I finally found the perfect fit for my team of now 5 amazing colleagues. And TODAY we make it official. Anne will be a part of our Danish team as an International Recruiter, and Giovanna who speaks Spanish will be our Talent Hunter and among other things, be helping out on our Spanish market.












By my side, all the way from our headquarter in Oslo I have Enida Kapetanovic & Maja Andersson. Maja and Enida decided within short notice to grab this opportunity, move to Spain and be a part of the establishment of the office. But what really motivated them to move abroad? Here is what Maja says about her decision:



Maja Andersson , Swedish International Recruiter.

“I have always liked Spain and especially the region Andalusia so when the new about the new office came out I got very excited and happy. And when I got the chance to even move here there were doubt I should take it! I am really looking forward to establish the office in Malaga and to join this new journey. It is very exciting that the company is growing and I can’t wait for what the future has to give! Since we have clients in Spain it’s perfect to be even closer to them and I have to admit that the sunny weather, good food and beautiful language also were my personal motivation triggers.”


Let’s talk about our goal and visions for this new establishment in Malaga, Spain.

We have been growing a lot the last years when it comes to partnerships and international recruitment of our candidates to Spain. Now with 130 clients in 28 different countries we aim to grow even bigger.  How will we do that? We adapt to new circumstances and situations around the world. Building up this office in Spain, makes it easier for us to be closer to our partners and be able to recruit our candidates around the world with a greater knowledge and understanding of the country and job market.

Having Maja and Enida as a part of our Nordic team working from Spain makes it easy for us to implement the same office culture and atmosphere as we have in our Oslo Office to maintain our values.

Enida Kapetanovic, Danish Talent Hunter.

“I have lived abroad many times, so when I heard that we were opening a new office in Malaga, I got really excited. Especially about being part of starting a whole new office and joining a new team. I think it is was a huge win-win for me. And it would give me the opportunity to share and build up Nordic Jobs Worldwide’s culture in our new office in Malaga. We are growing so fast and I wanted to be part of the growth!”


We are super excited to get started, and we have already started hiring people for their dream jobs abroad from our new office.

Our goal, is to be the best in the world, of what we do.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion.


Ann-Kathrine - Office & Delivery Manager
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