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Exciting iGaming conference in London! – Weekly update 6

This week started out with our Client Relationship Manager Charlotte traveling to the ICE conference in London with our Danish Delivery Manager Ann Kathrine. The purpose was to take part in one of the biggest iGaming conferences in the industry. This was a great opportunity to meet all of our exciting clients and also to, of course, meet new ones!

Malta is a very popular destination for Nordic speakers, and there are enormous opportunities for job seekers there. Many candidates perhaps start with a Customer Support position and then climb their way up in the company. Perhaps they realize that they are interested in marketing or fraud, or perhaps responsible gaming? There is a lot to choose from in this industry!

It is difficult to describe how big a conference like this actually is – there are so many impressions to take in, and it is so exciting to see all the different companies and how they have build up their booths. We met with all our different clients, and chased after some new opportunities for you guys!

The iGaming industry is all over Europe, even though it is the biggest in Malta. There are also companies in London, Gibraltar, Spain, Cyprus, and many different destinations.

If you wish to work in this industry you should be prepared for a lot of fun things going on all the time, many events, a big network of new friends, a chance to climb in the career, build up a strong CV and get an adventure of a lifetime.

For our Danish Delivery Manager, this was the first time attending an iGaming conference, so here are her opinions about the intense trip!

For me, who has been working with the iGaming positions for the Danish candidates, having a good idea about the positions and opportunities, and also having visited Malta before  – I was still absolutely amazed by the atmosphere that you can experience in these kinds of conferences within the iGaming industry.

In advance, our CRM Charlotte Kamlin made sure that I understood the volume and meaning of each booth and company participating at the conference, which was very helpful and interesting.
It was SO clear, that everyone was ready and eager to show and represent their company!

The visual part was really taken to the next level – everything from huge robots walking around to women in cool outfits with glitter and sparkle, smoke machines, artists and hundreds of land-based casino settings was visualized. That was truly amazing to see!

To participate in this, was a great experience and I got a really good idea, of what we are dealing with. I am looking forward to presenting and talk with candidates about my experience in the iGaming industry after our trip to London. It has definitely given me a bigger picture of what it’s all about and I can recommend everyone that has an interest in Customer support, Malta or getting a really cool adventure to apply for these jobs!

Charlotte Kamlin - Client Relationship Manager & Ann-Kathrine Kreiberg Simonsen - Delivery Manager
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