Endless opportunities! Update from our Client Relationship Manager

Good afternoon guys,

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are! Here in Oslo we have had a mixed week of both rain and summer feeling. Many of our colleagues are on holiday this week, but we are still some recruiters who are working day and night to help people get their dream job 😊

Right now, we have a lot of open positions and I think it is absolutely amazing that we actually work with clients from over 27 different countries! As a Client Relationship Manager I get the chance to have direct contact with our clients and that is the best part of this job! We truly love to make sure the right person comes to the right place. It is a great feeling to call someone and say Congratulations to a new job!

Working with clients in over 27 countries means endless opportunities! Do you wish to live in a vibrant city or perhaps next to the beach? Do you wish to be the first point of contact and work with customer support? Or are you maybe good at sales? Either way – we will find a job for you and help you through the entire process.  Some of our most popular destinations are Dublin and Tallinn for all you High Tech people out there. If Customer Support in a sunny destination is more your tune – we have open roles in Athens, Lisbon and Limassol in Cyprus! Who doesn’t want to live in the sun all year around, right?

Are you good at marketing or editing? Maybe you are very good at expressing yourself in writing?
We have a lot of different opportunities in beautiful Malta as well. Here we have the exciting iGaming industry that keeps growing bigger and bigger so it doesn’t matter if you are good at content, marketing, sales or customer support. There is always something exciting to work with in this destination!

If you are interested in knowing more about what possibilities you have – Send your CV directly to me at charlotte@nordicjobsworldwide.com and I will help you find the best option for you! 😊


Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to send your CV if you wish to start the next week with a new exciting opportunity abroad!










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