Recruiting for Nordic speakers can be stressful and can be difficult without the resources and the knowledge of the market. Working alongside a specialist recruitment agency based within the Nordic region that focus fully on the Nordic market can be a useful asset to your company. Nordic Jobs Worldwide are always looking to create new partnerships and our dedicated team are only a phone call away!

Here is how Nordic Jobs Worldwide can supplement your recruitment team!

Are you looking for Nordic-speaking colleagues? Contact our International Sales Manager Danny Claridge right away, tomorrow is a new day!

We are based in Oslo, Norway

Nordic Jobs Worldwide are based in Oslo, Norway with hubs in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. This is advantageous because it allows us to advertise locally in each country with adverts translated into the specific languages which puts the candidate at ease and increases the chances that they will apply. Being Oslo based gives us Knowledge of the Nordic job market which allows us to give clear and precise advice on how to attract Nordic talent to your company.

Access to the biggest job portals in The Nordic region

Access to the most popular Job portals in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, we know where the candidates search for jobs!

Tailormade recruitment services

Specialist and Tailormade recruitment plans made between us and our clients to increase chances of positions being filled!

Social Media Specialists

Specialist Social Media Campaigns ran through sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram, we leave no stones unturned when looking for talent.

Expert Match making

Telephone screening, Interviews and Skype calls made to give piece of mind that candidates will be the right fit for your company.

We sell you

We sell your company to our candidates to give them the perfect picture of your company before they join! We sell the location, candidates move to experience new pastures, cultures and gain valuable experience of working abroad that looks great on the CV! We make sure the candidates know the location, financial situations, Tax knowledge, Transport routes, Things to see and finally things to do!

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