Current situation & 1st of May

Happy Thursday! We thought it could be nice to give you an update on our current situation. How are we working and how is working abroad going to be for you?  

The week has passed fast, and we are working from home with close communication over video and calls. We are remaining available for clients and candidates over phone, email and our live chat on the website. We have gotten into a good routine now and even if we are all working separately, we have found a successful way of communicating and updating each other. Things are running smoothly!

Everyone is probably wondering when things will go back to normal, and we do too.

Norway has strict measurements on how many people we can be in each room and how far away we need to be from each other. The schools have been fully closed as well, but this week they opened their doors again, meaning that some children get to have their normal life with teachers and classmates again. Norway is slowly resuming life as usual, and we hope the infections will continue to be steady and low.

In Nordic Jobs Worldwide, we are positive and doing what we can to help candidates with work abroad. We have many start dates in May with online training from home before relocating. This has been a good solution and we see many clients moving in this direction now. People need work more than ever before, and we are happy to see that so many of you are longing for a new experience and an international career. As we have opened for online training with clients, you can easily apply to your dream job abroad already now and move at a later stage.

It’s the International Workers’ Day tomorrow. In Norway, we have the day off where we celebrate the labourers. Tomorrow, we will think a little bit extra on the labourers in the front line of the Covid-19 doing an amazing job these days.

We miss going to the office, seeing our colleagues and having brainstorming meetings together. We miss our kitchen where we have lunch and all the nice conversations. We miss the Friday feeling in the office. There are so much we miss that we cherish even more, but before this: Stay safe and stay home! <3

Henriette Husevåg - Global Delivery Manager
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