CEO Report from 2017 with focus on the future

Hi guys. My name is Rickard and I´m the CEO for Nordic Jobs Worldwide. We are a leading multilingual recruitment specialist agency focusing on Nordic speakers to go abroad.

2017 was the year when we started our journey. Danny Claridge was already hired as the International Sales Manager and had already started to adapt the business and the way to build the company. Over the year Danny signed many good and big clients who became our partners.

Partnership is a keyword for me as a business owner. To help and understand our clients we also need the commitment back with sharing information, daily communication, recruitment goals, deadlines and common interests to succeed.

Danny together with Henriette, our first hired recruiter threw themselves into the storm without knowing where to go. They had to find their own path and the way to do it, learning by doing.

Henriette smashed the market from day one and still have the all time high record for most billed clients a month. She is our Norwegian multitasking Duracell rabbit, who always puts energy into the team.

The first 6 months were good, but there was more to come. We hired our Swedish colleague Sara in June, straight from school with an HR degree and some work experience in life she threw herself into our business. Adapting to the industry Sara stepped forward and decided to succeed, after 6 months she reached her goal and became the highest biller in December 2017. With a strong personality who likes order and structure she helped the company to work even better with systems.

That is one of our key points today with structure, everything should be online 24/7 so we can find out about things anywhere at any time.

In September we hired our third recruiter, Nina from Finland. From day one Nina gave us stability through her personality. Independent business woman, who created a calm in the team and professionalism which permeated the entire business. From day one Nina have been very stabilized and delivered good results. She has also started the analysis for marketing activities and hopefully more of this will come.

Together we travelled to Malta and Estonia to build an understanding about our clients and cultures. We recruited over 150 people to clients in over 20 different countries.

From 2018 me and my CO Founder Björn entered the company full time and have the pleasure to build the company forward with this fantastic team.

The expansion will continue, and we are now a full team with Nordic recruiters since 1st of February when Carina, the last Danish piece we needed to the puzzle came on board and joined our journey.

The start this year has been very successful, we have signed contracts with 7 new clients and had around 20 placements already, so the future looks promising!

Rickard Fritjofsson - CEO and Founder
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