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Weekly update from the team

Hi all! The week has rolled over to another Friday and it is time for a quick update from the office, or should I say home offices around Oslo. We are taking all the needed measures to do our part in hindering the spread of Covid-19 and therefore we are mostly working from home. However, […]

Weekly update!

Another week has passed, and we are ready for the long weekend with some sun here in Oslo! The weather is amazing and we love it! Especially since we have been longing to start using our roof terrace here at the office during lunch breaks and after works. There is even enough space for everyone […]

Why you should work abroad now!

Many of us have considered to go abroad the last couple of months, but with the Covid-19 situation many have thought they need to put their ambitions on hold. We are going to talk a little about why these times, are in one of the better times to go abroad! Right now, we are in […]

Simple Ways To Destress During COVID-19

The world is currently going through a very weird and difficult time due to COVID-19. We are all trying to deal with the situation in our own way and sometimes stress can creep up on us. Our daily life has changed, big plans, vacations, weddings etc. have been cancelled. At times it can be hard […]

Current situation & 1st of May

Happy Thursday! We thought it could be nice to give you an update on our current situation. How are we working and how is working abroad going to be for you?   The week has passed fast, and we are working from home with close communication over video and calls. We are remaining available for clients […]

Happy Easter time everyone!

Hi all! It is a very special time we are living now and all the things that have been happening during this time of the year normally, are not necessarily the same this time. Some of us might have had plans to travel during Easter or to meet their loved ones but that has been […]


How to be amazing at (almost) any job?

There are some tips that are very useful for managing any job in the best possible way and today we are going to share some of them in this article. So, if you have been wondering how to be the top colleague at your office, keep on reading! First of all, it is important to […]

Weekly update – Week 12

Hello Everyone! Crazy times we are living in and I think we all can safely say that 2020 has started in an unexpected and strange way. From our point of view, it’s been a great start to the year in quarter 1. We have broken old company records and recruited so many new people to […]