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Weekly update – Week 49

The first week of December is in its full speed! Alongside of bringing a Christmas spirit to our office in the form of colleagues comparing different Christmas traditions and having Christmas songs playing in the background, December means that all of us are working towards reaching our goals before calming down for the holidays and […]

How to gain courage to move abroad?

It’s important to know, that the feeling about moving abroad, leaving friends and family behind for a new life and beginning in a different and maybe unknown country, might be difficult for some people. People are different and some people like to feel safe and secure in their familiar surroundings. BUT there are also many […]

Black Friday at the office

Black Friday is here, and we have a special deal for you! We will help you to kickstart your career, get your dream job or escape the Nordic darkens for free! Joking aside, Christmas and the New Year are approaching in a rapid speed. Everything usually feels a bit chaotic this time of the year. […]


How to find accommodation when moving abroad?

Moving abroad the first time is exciting and a big step in life. It teaches you many things about yourself and widens your understanding of different cultures. Often moving abroad might stay at the level of consideration when doubt steps in the game. How will I find an apartment? Can I trust the leaser that […]

Weekly update – Week 47

December month is slowly approaching, and although we are nurturing the Christmas vibe here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, we are excited about the new job opportunities we can offer to our candidates. How are you going to celebrate this Christmas? Maybe you are interested in embarking a new job in a warmer climate such as […]

Feedback is the breakfast of champions

“Positivity is like a boomerang. The more we put it out there, the more it comes back to us!” – Jon Gordon This year, we have been speaking about giving and receiving feedback a lot among our teams. How should we use it? When to give it? How to handle it? And many more other […]

Weekly update – Week 46

Week 46 is about to come to an end.. Every recruiter at Nordic Jobs Worldwide has a hard time understanding how time flies to fast. Do you feel the same way? Soon it’s Christmas time and before we manage to take a look around, we are in the beginning of 2020. A new year with […]

Weekly update – Week 45

We are about to close week 45. Let me tell you a little bit about what we were doing this week and what is coming up. It’s already November… unbelievable how fast the year flew by and how many candidates and companies we helped during the year to find their dream job / candidate. Since […]



We have reached another mid-week morning and today we will be talking about another one of our newer colleagues to get to know them better. This person has been a part of our Finnish team now for 5 full weeks and has been learning the ropes of her role as the Delivery Manager for the […]