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Hello again all! Last week we presented one new colleague for our office, but we are not going to stop there. We have more new faces to introduce. As a new twist to our company’s story, we have decided to move our sister brand, Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, from Barcelona to Oslo and our multilingual recruiter […]



Hello dear readers! We have made it over the summer holiday season and back to work after the beautiful Norwegian summer. Gladly we still have some time to enjoy the sunny weather before autumn arrives with its crispier winds and falling leaves. Even though summer is a special time for everyone and some companies even […]

Happy Friday – Week 30 / 2019

Only a few hours and then we are cruising into the weekend vibes. The heat and summer weather have arrived and today it’s over 30 degrees in the city. We are super happy and enjoying life in Oslo! We’re around 10 people at the office this week, keeping the recruitment going. Its busy times helping […]

Weekly update – Week 28/2019

This week some of our colleagues have already started their summer break, leaving few of us in the office for the upcoming weeks. Before the summer holidays started for most of my colleagues, last week was full with great energy and activities in the office. We had an interesting competition that helped us boost the […]

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Living abroad changes people

Traveling abroad will bring you memories of a lifetime, whereas living abroad changes you. Have you lived abroad and learned to love new culture habits, dishes, seasons and ways of cleaning the kitchen or greeting your friends? That happened to me, and there was no turning back to my home country, Finland. Switzerland taught me […]


Anniversaries at the office!

This year in May-June time, we have lots to celebrate. A year ago we were only 6 full-time employees and 2 interns in the company but things were going great and we wanted to invest on a few more colleagues. In May and June we had three new starters; Vanessa, Kasper and Marte L. In […]