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Weekly update

Happy Monday everyone, it’s another start of the week, once again. We had an eventful week here at the office. On Monday and Tuesday we had three new employees starting. Three very nice girls that had on-boarding the whole week. They have been learning very fast it seems like, so it’s going really well. This […]


Life in the Philippines

Today, we introduce you a special destination: the Philippines! If you’ve been searching jobs on our page, you might have noticed how most of them are located in Europe. Still, from time to time, our job seekers get unique job opportunities outside of Europe – this time in Southeast Asia! Therefore, it is about time […]

Weekly update – Business trip to Greece

Happy Friday! Week 39 have come to an end and it’s been filled with loads of exciting new business opportunities. Three of our colleagues visited our client in Athens to develop our cooperation and explore the city. The trip was successful, and they brought back more information that we can share to future candidates regarding […]

Week 38 at the office

Happy Friday! This week has been very busy for us at the office. We have had a lot of success helping people get a job, client meetings as well as recruiting colleagues for our own office here in Oslo. A few of us went to a Job Fair here in Oslo and got to meet […]

Weekly update from the office

Happy Friday everyone! The weeks here at the office goes faster than ever, and especially in this period as many of our clients have job opportunities open in this time. The sun has been shining today in Oslo and we are enjoying every ray of sun we get in September. Autumn can be so nice! […]


Another Thursday is here and it is time for another introductory post for one of our newer colleagues. You know when sometimes you hit a jackpot with internal hiring? Well, we’ve had a few of those of late and today’s star of the blog post, Jessica, is definitely one of them. In our company, internal […]

Weekly update – Week 36

Happy Friday, the weekend is upon us once again! Last week we had our Kick-off to start off the Autumn after everyone had finished their holidays. We had team building, workshops and visited new places. Everything started on Tuesday, our two Multilingual girls Elisabeth and Jessica held a tour of Oslo. They both  worked as […]


Hello to you all! During the summer we have been planning a so called Worldwiders 2.0 period in the company’s story. This means that we have been re-arranging teams and, like mentioned in previous posts, moved the Multilingual team from Barcelona over to Oslo, so we can all sit under the same roof, create success […]