Entries by Nina Filpus

An update from the Tallinn Office

It has been a busy couple of months at the Tallinn office. Business has started to take shape as our international team takes on recruitment. Even though we are on month number two of the Tallinn office being open, we have had success with relocating many candidates to new jobs If you follow the Nordic […]

A week in the life of a recruiter

A week in the life of a recruiter is busy, challenging and rewarding! Welcome to read about a usual work week that us Nordic Jobs Worldwide recruiters experience. A recruiter’s week at Nordic Jobs Worldwide begins with a cup of coffee early on Monday morning. What is better than starting the week early and diving […]


Happy Friday to all from the Oslo office! This week it has gotten colder in Oslo and we found out that Thursday was officially “the first winter day” in 2020. Traditionally it falls on October 14th, and that is very fitting as that was when the temperature really dropped. Brrrr! I bet some of us […]


Moving abroad during a pandemic

Most of our clients are recruiting candidates from abroad even in these difficult times and we have many new clients since beginning of this year when the uncertain Covid 19 time started. My colleague Enida and I moved to Spain in the end of August to work from our new office and I would like […]


New colleague – 05/10/2020

Happy start of the week to all of you! Today it is time to introduce another new colleague. I know, it is quite many. We have had the pleasure to hire many new faces to fill our teams in both of our new locations as well as grow the teams in Oslo. This is the […]


New colleague – 02/10/2020

It is another Friday today, how do the weeks go by so fast? I guess time flies when you are having fun, as they say. Today, we will dive into the background of one of our new colleagues again. This time you will get to know Eirik Eisenträger, our new International Recruiter with a focus […]


New colleague – 30/09/2020

Last but not the least by any means, is our final new colleague to introduce this time around, Edvin Priimak. Edvin joined our Estonia-team just about 3 weeks ago and will work as an International Recruiter using his fluent language skills in Estonian, Russian and English. Let’s get to know Edvin, read further to find […]


New colleague – 25/09/2020

Today we will continue with our good flow with new colleague introductions. This time we will stay in Tallinn, Estonia and talk more about Pille-Riin Jakobson. Let’s dive in! Pille-Riin is a native Estonian speaker with fluent English skills and she will work towards the international job market and several multilingual positions and candidates from […]