Anniversaries at the office!

This year in May-June time, we have lots to celebrate. A year ago we were only 6 full-time employees and 2 interns in the company but things were going great and we wanted to invest on a few more colleagues. In May and June we had three new starters; Vanessa, Kasper and Marte L. In June we also decided to offer our interns an opportunity to continue in the company, and work with multilingual recruitment, so Alicia who had started as an intern in February signed her new contract too.

I wanted to interview all of the colleagues added to our team a year ago, to see how their year went, what did they learn and how do they feel about the future. Today I will share the answers from both Vanessa and Alicia, next week you can read more from Marte and Kasper. So, let’s jump in!

So, Vanessa. You have now worked for NJW for a year. How did it go?

I still remember the first day at the Office, it was a cold day in May and I was a little nervous, however after breaking the ice and get to know my colleagues I started to get a warm feeling I have chosen the right step. So after one amazing year with ups and downs, professionally and personally I am grateful for this opportunity.

What have you learned during the year?

It was very intense in the beginning, I came from a different cultural background and I found myself out of the comfort zone, but with persistence and help from my colleagues (especially you Nina) I managed to develop my skills and qualities. The managers are great, they focus on each team member´s value as an individual to the company, they helped me achieve stability by continuous challenge and giving positive feedback when I needed it most. Overall, I feel that by moving abroad I have learned and grown considerably.

What are your feelings about it now? And the future?

I am looking forward for the company’s continuous growth while being a part of this  I see myself achieving goals and adding more value to the company and the next steps. I am happy to be a part of the Nordic Jobs Worldwide Family.

Alicia, you have reached a year at the Nordic/Multilingual family. How has it been?

It was an amazing experience. I moved to Oslo for my Erasmus, and during the second semester of University I found my internship in NJW.

First, I was amazed by all my colleagues. The team was growing super-fast and I had the feeling that we were more than workmates. They made me integrate into the team as if I was another Nordic person and they helped me to learn about recruitment and marketing, giving me all the best tips.

I liked their values, culture and way of work. Always being positive and smiling! And of course, you can have bad days and be unmotivated for a specific reason (same as in your personal life), but the most important thing is to face all the challenges in the best way so that at the end you can have success.

Apart from giving me the needed knowledge and motivation to do my work, they also gave me so many funny moments such as team activities, lunches, birthday celebrations and much more!

What did you learn during this time?

I have learned that when it’s time to work, you must give your best. You have to show interest and that it’s worth being part of a big project. If there are fun and happy moments, it’s always better! But the most important is to appreciate what you do and trust in your team.

How do you feel now? The future?

I will be always grateful to have found that internship in the middle of my studies. It was a great opportunity for me to focus on studies and at the same time discover a labor side of my career and be realistic about my future.

In the future? I don’t know what will happen. I would like to grow more in the organization, I would also like to live once more the experience of working abroad, and finally I would like to lead my career towards Digital Marketing.

Such a nice feeling to hear that they have enjoyed their time here and that they have learned a lot. Thank you Vanessa for your nice comment! At NJW we feel that it is crucial to give a warm welcome to new colleagues, make everyone feel relaxed and part of the team from the very beginning, and to give support in everyday work to give them a flying start!

Next week we’ll talk more about Kasper and Marte’s journeys through the year, so stay alert!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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