Amsterdam – Venice of the North

Amsterdam is nicknamed ‘Venice of the North’ for a lot of good reasons.

Its many canals run through the city like veins in your body with charming house boats, floating peacefully on its sides.

Boats are sailing down the riverbanks showing all of the many international tourists the city from the water as thousands of cyclists are on their way to work. Amsterdam is a static city, rich of life and entertainment. There is always a reason to go out and partake in the vibrant city’s many events or enjoy a cold beer by the canal on your local pub. There are events for everyone, all from the famous Pride Parade to the many retro-markets, displaying the rich Dutch cultures many artefacts.

For the culture enthusiasts, the many museums offer art exhibitions of the modern society as well as taking you back hundreds of years showing the evolution of the city and Dutch culture.

For the adventurist, the Heineken museum might be something for you! Much like Tim Burtons movie; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this museum will take you on a ride around the many important dimensions that makes up the infamous beer. Here the Oompa-Loompas will offer you ice cold Heinekens instead of candy and show you how to pour it to perfection.

For the curious, Amsterdam offers a unique street of bars, coffee shops and adult shops. Namely the Red-light District. This is a must-see attraction for any tourist or inhabitant, residing or visiting the city. There are delicious snacks, cold beers and unforgettable experiences waiting just around the corner, where ever you are going in this enchanting City.

For most people, visiting Amsterdam is rarely enough, which is why many people pack up their things and move here to work and live an exciting new life. Luckily, this has never been easier as there are many attractive companies helping you move, get settled and get started in your new job. This is our passion, here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Helping you to a new and exciting chapter in your life and just by the click of a button, you can get in contact with our helpful team that are more than happy to show you the different offers in stall for you.

Oliver Hüttel - International Recruiter
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