About Us

Nordic Jobs Worldwide

We are professional Nordic recruitment specialists focused on connecting candidates from Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark with businesses from all over the world.

Nordic Jobs Worldwide is a fresh company hungry to become the largest Recruitment agency in Scandinavia that specialize in finding talent with specific Nordic languages.

Nordic Jobs Worldwide currently holds over 30 years of recruitment experience between all its partners and has already become a valuable recruitment extension to many businesses worldwide.

Further to our experience in working with Nordic languages we make most our placements within the commercial sector which includes Customer Service, Sales, IT, Management, Financial, Legal, HR, Marketing, and many more white collar style positions but give us a job description and person specification and we will use all our resources to fill it.

Our Services

We offer two styles of recruitment service which are both still very effective but differ to suit the circumstances of our clients.

We offer a candidate Shortlist Service where we source the candidate, telephone screen them and skype them or meet them face to face. After we are confident that the candidate suits our client and has the correct skills and experience we then present the candidate directly to the client. This service is very useful for clients who have very productive HR teams but struggle with sourcing candidates but still want to carry out the company specific recruitment process.

We also offer the Full Recruitment Process where again we source candidates, telephone screen them and skype or meet in person but we also provide full interviews set up between us our clients, we can offer tests and onboarding materials that help narrow down the perfect candidates for your business and furthermore we also can provide the full reference checks for our clients. The prices are different for both processes but the full recruitment service is useful for senior positions or for clients that need some to handle the full process externally.

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