A few words about Athens

This Thursday I wanted to speak about our experiences from Athens. Me and 3 of my colleagues went down there to meet some partners and to get to know the city. We were there for 3 full days and the schedule was full-packed! I had never been in Athens before myself and I was very interested in seeing what the city is like. Nordic Jobs Worldwide have recruited several Nordic speakers to work for our partnering company there and what a better way to help our future candidates than to get a closer look at the location ourselves!

A few things that I noticed about Greece and Athens were:

  1. Athens is huge! We climbed on top of the Acropolis hill and look around us with awe. Athens reaches the surroundings for as long as the eye can see! The drive from one end to the other takes a long time! The city is relatively low, which means there are not many higher buildings with several floors around and still the city holds around 5 million inhabitants inside its borders.
  2. People are warm and welcoming! The level of customer service and friendliness wherever you go is something you notice instantly. At work, colleagues are happy to see each other, they hug each other, discuss everyone’s life and make sure that everyone feels welcome and taken care of. 
  3. The Greek food is amazing! Well, this is no surprise nor a new piece of information, but I have to say, Greek food is among the best cuisines in the world. Only a simple Greek salad can taste so incredible! The Greeks have various traditional dishes that I would highly recommend to taste, Gyros, Moussaka, Tsatziki etc.
  4. The Greek coffee, Frappé! If you’ve never had a Frappé, I highly recommend tasting one when you get the chance. It is an iced coffee drink with whipped cream on top. The coffee is super strong and it’ll keep you going for hours! In the Mediterranean weather, you need something refreshing and Frappé is the way to go.
  5. Active lifestyle! As a Nordic person I am used to going home quite early after work on weekdays and having an early dinner. In Greece, however, it is common to go out for dinner, spend time with friends doing different activities and stay out later during the week too. If you are into living an active lifestyle, love spending time with friends and don’t want to spend too much time on your sofa at home, Greece is a great location for you!

It was a quick trip with loads of things to do, but I think I got a good overview of the culture, the city and our partner company! I so positively surprised with Athens and would recommend others to check it out as well. If you are the kind of person as I am, who likes to combine city life with a beach, Athens has everything to offer you.


If you’d like to see a little more, watch our vlog we filmed on our trip! You can find it in all our social media channels and soon on Youtube.

Which location would you like us to visit and introduce next?

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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