A day/week in the life of an international recruiter

Maybe you have sometimes wondered what recruiters do in their everyday office life when doing international recruitment. It is an interesting line of work and for example, I couldn’t have even imagined that I would end up working in this field of business. However, sometimes life has a funny way of arranging things and here we are!

The work tasks for recruiters are endless which is actually a good thing. It is a fast-paced environment where things change and happen quickly which makes it incredibly important that everyone is able to adapt to different scenarios and situations. However, there is some sort of routine we usually have and I am going to tell you a bit more about it.

On a usual Monday, it is important to get a great start to the week. What we normally do is have meetings across the whole organization so that we can choose our focus for the upcoming days. It is important to have clear goals and shared responsibilities to make sure all of our clients and candidates are taken care of. After setting up our weekly plan, we go back to our desks and it is on! We need to go through all emails and applications we have received during the weekend, we want to put out all new job ads where they are needed and then we start contacting our applicants. The afternoons are filled with many phone calls and preparing all things necessary for the rest of the week.

During a normal week, we speak to several people on the phone, have Skype interviews, connect with our clients regularly, set up plans and schedules for upcoming needs from them and much more. Our job includes multiple emails, phone calls and meetings each day. Rest of the time we are in constant communication with our client companies. We are setting up interviews, making sure tests are done, setting up another round of interviews, sometimes even a third one and guess what, it doesn’t even stop there. We like to be involved with our candidates’ journey even after they have gotten a job offer and accepted it.

What this means is that we make sure everything goes as smooth as possible with the candidate’s transition from one country to another and that they know what they need to do and remember, who will they be in contact with, when do they need to arrive and how, where will they stay in the beginning etc. etc. The list goes on. But it is an important part of our daily work, so we do it constantly.

Once the week is done, on Fridays we try finishing everything that is urgent and already start preparing for the upcoming week. We want all colleagues to feel fulfilled and satisfied with their work before going to spend their weekend, so we usually sit down for the last meeting of the week to make sure that everyone feels at ease. When the clock shows 16.30 we start turning off our computers and heading home. Sometimes we have a fun after work together with the colleagues playing games, eating, laughing and spending time with each other in a different setting than work. It is a great way to build a strong team and a better connection between colleagues.

That’s it, our normal working day/week shortly put. Of course, there are many things that are not mentioned here as well but in general, this is what fills our days and even though it is a challenging job, it is a very fulfilling one as well. It is a great feeling to be able to help someone with getting a job abroad and have a busy schedule. When you work with recruitment, you will never be bored, that’s for sure!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager


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