A cold goodbye and a warm welcome – Update from the office

The office atmosphere has been buzzing with busy working bees as we have helped 18 candidates to find jobs all over Europe. We have found a common denominator for all our candidates; Southern Europe. A lot of Scandinavians have used our services to go abroad and get away from the cold, approaching winter and relocate themselves by the warm beaches of Greece, Spain and Portugal. But for most, this is not just a getaway from the cold winter, for some of our candidates this is an opportunity to grow professionally and obtain valuable work experience whilst having fun in the sun.

Now that it is finally Friday, in a very busy week, we decided to spoil ourselves and go out for a company lunch at our favourite restaurant, where the ever-happy host Mr. Wing greeted us with a warm welcome! Not only does he make the best spring rolls, he also makes a lunch break feel like a small getaway from the busy workload. On the picture here, you can see how the team at Nordic Jobs Worldwide have a natural flair for building relationships with the people we are involved with.

Not only would we like to wish all of our candidates safe travels but also bid our newest team member Frida a warm welcome as she is stopping by today for a cup of coffee and to meet the team.

Now, happy weekend from us in Oslo to you wherever you are!

Oliver Hüttel - International Recruiter
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