As you already have grown to know, we like to celebrate each new member of our beloved team at the Oslo office. We have been very lucky to be able to hire a few new people and continue our growth. In July we were happy to welcome Marte! She will be a new piece in the puzzle in the Norwegian team with her fluent Norwegian skills. If you’d like to know more about our newest addition from Hønefoss, keep reading.

It is always nice to start with the basics. What is Marte made of? Working at Nordic Jobs Worldwide has been her first step towards a career in HR. She has previously graduated with a degree from the field, but this year she finished her Master’s degree in Strategy and Competence Management. A very smart and qualified woman, right?

In her free time Marte spends time with her dogs. She has two of them, both hunting dogs, a Vorster and a Breton. Back in the day, she was a part of a handball team and used to spend most of her time at the court practicing and competing. 

She is also familiar with taking up and leaving to live overseas in another country which makes her a great support person for all our candidates thinking about taking the same leap. During her Master’s studies she was an exchange student in Australia, the country that offers beautiful scenery and great weather even during the winter months.

I started loving Brisbane the first day I moved there.

Marte Ødegaard Hansen

According to Marte, Brisbane has several amazing qualities that make you feel at home in the city. One of her favorite pastimes in Brisbane was enjoying all the different beaches, parks, botanical gardens and “pop-up”-markets, where you can find everything from homemade food, clothing etc.

– They even have a human-made beach in the center of the city!

After the incredible time she spent in Australia she came back to Norway to finish school and start her career. Marte has started working full force after joining the team at NJW in mid-July.

When asked about her strengths when working with candidates, Marte emphasized her will to do her absolute everything to help them get their dream job, as her strongest quality. She has good knowledge about the business of HR and has an understanding of different personality types due to her years of studies. If you’d like to speak to someone who is after your best interest, you should talk to Marte!

Continuing with Marte regarding the recruitment business. She loves working in the field and that is because she likes working with people, HR classes were always her favorite ones in school and it was just a natural step for her to take after finishing school.

Marte’s learning curve here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide has been a steep upward directed one and she has already helped her first candidate in getting a job abroad and there are many more to come. 

If you speak Norwegian and want to find out about your chances of working abroad, give a call to our wonderful Marte. Next week we will tell you more about our new Danish colleague Oliver, so remember to peek in here in a few days!

Nina Filpus - International Recruiter and Marketing Executive

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