Hello to all of you! A new year, and a new decade, has started and we are back at the office working hard with what we do best. With a new year come also new exciting things, which, in this case, means new colleagues! Before Christmas, we had to say goodbye to two of our colleagues and we needed to find suitable people to take their places. However, in addition, we are also growing and hired two additional people. Today, I would like to introduce one of our new members to you too and start getting to know all the newbies a bit more. So, without further ado, meet Julie!

Julie is born and raised in Norway and speaks, naturally, fluent Norwegian. Her home town is called Ålesund which is a beautiful city of around 45000 inhabitants on the western coastline of Norway (you should visit if you haven’t already!). Julie grew up in Ålesund, in a large and spread out family, and as a child, she loved dancing and doing arts and crafts. Now, she describes herself as an adventurous and spontaneous person who is determined and ambitious.

Like a lot of our colleagues, Julie too has lived abroad before in her past. She actually did her Bachelor’s in international business over the pond, more specifically New York. New York left a permanent mark in Julie’s life and it is still her favorite city in the whole wide world. She finds the city is such a diverse and dynamic place, and in addition, she still has a big network there. After leaving New York Julie lived in Los Angeles for 6 months and worked in a restaurant chain.

When she leaves the office, Julie loves spending time with her friends. working out, watching TV shows and trying to travel as much as possible. And of course, I wanted to find out something fun and weird about her too, as with all the other previous new colleagues and what Julie told me was that she really loves driving her car while listening to music and singing really loud. (Have to admit, we have something in common in that sense then 😉 )

Previously, Julie has worked a lot in the service industry. She is familiar with the retail sales business and also the food industry. In addition to that, Julie has been doing some volunteer work in her past. Now she decided to join Nordic Jobs Worldwide because she likes the thought of helping people, which is the underlying purpose of our recruitment agency, as well as the fact that recruitment is a job that includes a large variety of different kinds of work tasks.

So, that’s it folks, hopefully you have gained a bit of an understanding about our lovely Julie. If you’d like to have a chat with her about job opportunities abroad, you can reach her via email and phone. Check out her profile on our page, here. Next week, it will be another new colleague, so hold on until then to learn more about Maja!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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