Hello dear readers! We have made it over the summer holiday season and back to work after the beautiful Norwegian summer. Gladly we still have some time to enjoy the sunny weather before autumn arrives with its crispier winds and falling leaves. Even though summer is a special time for everyone and some companies even put their business on hold during the time, it has been an exciting one for us, again. We have hired a few new faces to the office to grow our teams and also to replace some of our beloved colleagues who have left us to take upon new challenges!

Today, we are speaking to our newest Finnish speaking addition to the team, Terhi Raudaskoski. She started in the beginning of June and has been thriving in her work already. It is great to see new colleagues pick up their responsibilities so fast and work like the seniors in such a short time!

Terhi comes from Northern Finland, from a small town called Nivala, and as a child spent a lot of time with her friends and around horses. Living in the countryside allowed her to have all kinds of pets to take care of. As a child she really wanted her own horse, but ended up getting a cow, but that is a story for another time, haha! After leaving Nivala, she studied in Porvoo and is soon finishing her Bachelor’s degree in tourism. She says the time in Porvoo was very busy. Her time was filled with school projects, friends and some travelling, not to mention, some bigger school projects in Denmark.

However, this 23-year-old has not been laying on her laurels. In upper secondary school she met some international students and started learning the use of the English language and getting to know some new cultures through her new acquaintances and her short travels abroad. Through that experience she realized that the doors into the world were open to her and she could take up and leave Finland to gain new experiences. After some time, she ended up in Switzerland, and started her work as an Au Pair for a nice family. Originally, she was supposed to stay there for a year, but in the end she stayed for two years altogether before coming back to Finland for her studies.

 During that time I fell in love with the Swiss Alps, Swiss cheese, got lifelong Swiss friends and learned to speak both German and the Swiss German dialect.

She didn’t stay in Finland for long, because she then applied for an exchange period abroad and wound up in South-East Asia, Thailand to be exact. The reason for this choice was again to learn more about different cultures. She felt like she was already familiar with the European countries and had never been in Asia. Her semester in Phuket, Thailand, taught her  about their school system, sustainability issues, amazingly kind culture and religion. For a Northern girl used to -20 degrees Celsius in January, it was a very interesting and challenging experience.

The best experience must have been my travels to Malaysia for a breath-taking hike to Mount Kinabalu, to the highest peak in the country.

As you can see, Terhi is a person who likes to be on the move and try new things constantly. She is very brave with new languages and speaks Finnish, English, German and a bit of Norwegian, but who knows which language she will pick up next. 😉 According to Terhi, she is always switching the language she thinks with! Sometimes she does it just for practice but sometimes she actually notices it when she starts speaking aloud. It might come out as the wrong language for the situation!

Now, everyone’s probably wondering how Terhi ended up from Thailand to working in Oslo at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Before coming to Norway, Terhi had already decided that she was going to be moving here. In 2018 she had worked in West-Norway for the summer and loved the country, so after her studies in Thailand she started keeping her eyes open for suitable opportunities here. She ended up finding us and applied for the available position, and the rest is history! She tells us that she has really enjoyed her time here and that she’s looking forward to hiring more people to start their new international experiences! Terhi is now saying that after her experiences abroad, she no longer sees herself in Finland, even though she really misses the Finnish cottages and of course the Sauna!

Hopefully you enjoyed finding out more about our dear Terhi. She is ready to speak to anyone who is looking for their next chance and is happy to help, so check out her contact information here, and give her a ring!

Talk to you soon!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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  1. Rich Koivisto
    Rich Koivisto says:

    We are very happy for you ! You have found a wonderful job that seems to make you happy. I’m sure your Father & Mother are proud of where your studies have taken you !
    We wish for you the best of luck in the future !
    Take good care ! Rich ja Bette Koivisto Bullhead City Arizona USA


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