We have reached another mid-week morning and today we will be talking about another one of our newer colleagues to get to know them better. This person has been a part of our Finnish team now for 5 full weeks and has been learning the ropes of her role as the Delivery Manager for the team. In her role, she is responsible for the Finnish speaking candidate needs among our clients and the delivery from our recruiters to fill those roles. She, of course, works with recruitment too and participates in the delivery. Let’s dig in a bit more and introduce her to you. Here’s Salka Salkoharju.

Salka is another multilingual speaker at our office. She comes from Espoo, Finland and naturally then speaks fluent Finnish. However, her mother is originally from Iceland and through her Salka also learned to speak fluent Icelandic. It is a very interesting language combination and we have been trying to get Salka to say something funny in Icelandic but failing to do that so far. 😀 Maybe we will soon find out how Icelandic sounds. When asked about her background in a bilingual family, Salka speaks about having both the Finnish and the Icelandic culture present in her life. At home, they, for example, spoke Icelandic and celebrated all holidays in the Icelandic way. Also, she doesn’t have any relatives in Finland, so she says she doesn’t necessarily even know how her upbringing has differed from the Finnish style.

About Salka’s hobbies and free time activities, she has mentioned loving going to the gym and listening to true crime podcasts. Also, like most of our colleagues, Salka has traveled quite a bit in her life. She is interested in different cultures and she loves experiencing new locations in the world. In addition to traveling, she has lived in Tallinn and Iceland. After these two and after beginning her studies in international business and marketing she then took on an exchange period in Norway almost 3 years ago in January 2017. She ended up falling in love with Norway and she has felt at home in Oslo ever since.

Salka has been studying and working here in Oslo for a while already but then she spotted our job ad on LinkedIn. She felt something click instantly and wanted to apply. Her background in regards to work has included sales, customer service and finance but she wanted to apply for a job in recruitment to combine her biggest strengths; her sales-oriented thinking and great knowledge of human nature. As mentioned above, Salka has been in our team for a few weeks already and her comments on it are positive. She says she has had a warm welcome from her new colleagues and everyone has taken her into the group very well. As everyone else says, when joining our company, Salka also agrees there is a lot to learn and so many new things to process, so it’ll take some time to fully grasp everything but in her opinion, it is only positive to learn new things.

We in the Finnish team have been very happy to have another Finn at the office. Four Finns; sounds like a good number, doesn’t it? We have seen that we have an even better team spirit and a great atmosphere among the team after rounding up the number to four Finnish speakers. Salka brings to the table her bubbly personality. She is funny, flexible and also truly herself at the office which is nice to see after such a short time at the office. One thing that has brought lots of laughs around here, is Salka’s love for eating cucumbers. She brings one to the office every day and when the craving hits, she eats the whole cucumber in one sitting, haha! Maybe we need to follow her example and be the healthy cucumber eating team instead of team Finland. Let’s see how things evolve!

But now we have gone through the basics about Salka and it is time to wrap it up. Don’t forget to follow our social channels towards the end of the week to watch Salka’s Quick Questions video and find out some more little details about her personality. Until next time, have a great rest of the week!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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