Hello to you all! During the summer we have been planning a so called Worldwiders 2.0 period in the company’s story. This means that we have been re-arranging teams and, like mentioned in previous posts, moved the Multilingual team from Barcelona over to Oslo, so we can all sit under the same roof, create success together and spread the amazing work atmosphere over the whole business. We are building up a Danish team here and have hired our second Danish speaking recruiter to grow in the Danish market. So, without further ado, we’ll move on to our topic for the day, our newest addition from Denmark, Lasse Hansen.

Lasse calls his story with the title “From an island in the bottom of Denmark to living abroad in Portugal”. As we now, his story has evolved from there on to taking the leap to Norway just a couple of weeks ago, but let’s first dig in the history.

Lasse comes from the small island of Fyn close to the German border and as a little boy, he was constantly dreaming about travelling the world. His favorite pastime was to watch Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, imagining all the places that this world has to offer. He could sit for hours drawing routes on the map, planning where to go. He was so fascinated by the world, the animals, places and cultures, and all he wanted to do was to get a ship and sail the ocean.

Then finally 3 years ago, Lasse decided to take the leap and move to another country. He got a job offer from one of our biggest client companies in Lisbon, Portugal. For a guy who had never really traveled much outside of Scandinavia or visited big cities, it was a big step. However, even if scared, he was determined to take on the challenge of crossing the borders of Denmark to something unknown. Lasse’s thought was that Denmark would have never given him the same opportunities or lessons in life as living abroad would.

Living abroad gave me the opportunity to travel, meet different cultures and learn a lot about myself and gain some experiences that would have been impossible to get back in my hometown

Since then, Lasse has been following his dreams he had as a child and traveled to 10 new countries around the world. He has hiked the Kungsleden in Sweden, climbed mountains like Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Jbel Toubkal, Mount Pico and many more. Living abroad gave him the courage he needed to go out there and see the world! Additionally to the traveling and gaining new courage, Lasse got the chance to work for the largest social media platform in the world, helping over 500 different companies from Denmark with their digital marketing and gain a deeper understanding of the field. With his newly-gained knowledge and insights about digital marketing, Lasse was able to start up his own marketing consulting agency and consult some of the largest non-profit organizations in iGaming and e-commerce. Lastly, in Portugal, he had the chance to live in a beautiful city, meet new people and make friends from all over the world.

In November 2018, Lasse got a call from the Danish army because he had signed up to doing his duty in the royal guard. A month after, he decided to go and finally fulfill his duty that he had been avoiding for some time already. According to Lasse, this was another time when he realized how much courage he had gained by going out of his comfort zone and how it helped him to take on this duty and become a royal guard for her Majesty Queen Margaret the second of Denmark.

I have always liked doing things I thought were impossible for me, and this was definitely one of them.

After finishing his duty, it was time to find his next adventure and figure out what he wanted to work with. Even though Lasse had been working with marketing while doing his duty, he felt something was missing and he needed something more fulfilling. This was when he found recruitment, a job that enabled him to combine his skills and experiences he had gained over the last years and help others take the same step he did not so long ago. He wants to help others break out of their comfort zones and open up the world for so many incredible new experiences and memories they will have for life!

This is when I found Nordic Jobs Worldwide, a recruitment company that had the same values as me and wanted to help people take the step, to realize their dreams, just as I had done back when I left my island in Denmark to live in Portugal.

Currently Lasse is learning the ropes of the job and thriving in his role. He started just under a month ago and is bringing a lot of new-starter excitement and energy to the office every day! With his experience in digital marketing he will be taking on some marketing tasks in the future to support in spreading the word about our services to the world! If you are interested in the Danish speaking job opportunities abroad, contact Lasse and he’ll tell you more!

Welcome Lasse!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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