Today, it is time to dive deeper into the story of one of our new colleagues. This Monday we got a group of new starters that are joining both Nordic Jobs Worldwide and Multilingual Jobs Worldwide. We are growing and building up even stronger teams. This morning you will get to know Astrid Gjørup, our newest Danish recruiter, which will round the team up to 3 Danish speakers. Things are coming together and we are excited! So, let’s get started.

Astrid comes to us directly from Copenhagen, Denmark, without having lived in Norway before. This will start a whole new chapter in her life! Astrid comes originally from a small town called Thisted in the area of Northwest Jutland where she grew up with two siblings. However, most of her family lives in Copenhagen nowadays. As a child, Astrid was already a sporty girl and she loved swimming and handball or håndbold as they call it in Danish. 😉 As a person, Astrid describes herself as a nice and honest person, who wants everyone around her to be comfortable. Sounds like she is going to fit well in our team since we pride ourselves on keeping up with a nice relationship between all colleagues. As a small special thing about her, Astrid mentions her huge fear of spiders. She is very afraid of them but says that this is not really a secret, everyone who knows her, will probably already know this.

In her past, Astrid has studied analytical journalism and English and worked as a teacher. In addition to being a teacher, she has had an internship at a magazine and at the University of Copenhagen. During her studies, Astrid lived in London for a few months to study a semester at the University of Greenwich. London is, to this day, still her favorite city in the world. According to her, there is nothing not to like! In addition, she was backpacking in Costa Rica. Her experiences abroad taught her that it is good to spend some time in other countries to get to know yourself and what is truly important to you.

In her free time, at least back in Copenhagen, Astrid used to play rugby but now that she moved to Oslo, she needs to get settled and see if she can continue that here as well. For her first impression of Oslo, she says it is a beautiful city. She likes the city and says that Norwegian people seem really nice.

I never thought I would work with recruitment and live in Oslo, but here I am.

And we are of course glad that she did choose to take up the challenge to move here and work with us. This week will go with onboarding and learning the most important things about the company and the job, next week it is work full force! If you’d like to work with Astrid and speak to her about Danish speaking job opportunities abroad, you can check out her contact details from her page here, and give her a call!

This was it for today, don’t forget to also follow our sister brand Multilingual Jobs Worldwide to get to know also our newest multilingual recruiters!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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