Hello and happy Thursday everyone! Today we are getting to know one of our newest team members a little better, Helene. She started working for Nordic Jobs Worldwide four weeks ago and is responsible for our sourcing team for our partner in Athens. She is not only one of our Delivery Managers but also the big sister to one of our colleagues, Marte. So much talent and dedication in one family!

Again, we wanted to dig in a little deeper with Helene, like all the other new colleagues in the past. Who is she? What is she made of? And what does she like? We know that it is so much nicer for our candidates to work with one of our recruiters, when you also know a bit about them, right?

First of all, Helene seems to be a friend to the animals. She has an aquarium filled with colorful fish to spruce up the living space, and a dog, Luca. Luca is a mixed race dog that Helene adopted when the dog was around 8-9 months old. Since then they have had 10 beautiful years together. When Luca was young, they did a lot of agility with loads of dedication to the sport. They even had one of the best coaches in Norway to support them. The hobby was left behind when Helene started college though and later on Luca was a little too old for all that jumping. However, nowadays they do some simple exercises together in their backyard, just to have some fun, because they both love it so much. Helene says the reason she adores dogs is the fact that they really are your best friend. They want to play and cuddle all the time and they are amazing creatures with a lot of personality.

What is more, Helene’s love for animals doesn’t stop there. Horseback riding is another one of her dearest hobbies in life and it has been a part of her life for a long time, over 15 years already! She loves riding outside and she says it is the absolute best break one can have in one’s life.

– There is no better feeling than being alone with a horse surrounded by the lovely Norwegian nature and gallop through powdery snow!

To sum it up, you could say Helene is a quite active person who loves having different hobbies and she puts a lot of effort to them when she puts her mind to it. Like her sister, Marte, she is also a handball player and it is actually one of her most important hobbies and it has been the focus over all the other hobbies she’s had. There is just something about the sport here in Norway, it is a popular sport and the teams also succeed internationally quite well.

Moving on from hobbies to work life. Helene is actually not a first-timer in leading a team, but she has worked in a similar position previously in a booking company. She started there as a booking agent for a power company here in Norway, but quickly, actually roughly in a month, she was asked to be the team leader for a group of colleagues. In her opinion the step up was most possibly due to her combination of a suitable education and also her tremendous will and dedication to lead others in the right direction.

The main reason she wanted to work for Nordic Jobs Worldwide, was her desire to work with recruitment. During her bachelor’s studies she acquired a degree from the field and in her thesis she was researching the incorrect employment in the recruitment process. The year she wrote her thesis she became even more interested in working with recruitment. Another important reason for Helene to apply for a job in our company had to do with what we can offer employees. We are the best company in Europe working with recruitment across borders and she is enormously excited to be a part of this journey. This is exactly the kind of people we want in our team! So we will warmly welcome Helene to our group and we urge you to contact her if you are interested in working in Greece.

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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