Hello readers! Like you already know, our teams both in Barcelona and Oslo have been evolving and growing a lot in the past few months, so this week it is time to introduce another one of our newer colleagues in more detail. You might have already seen him represented on our website and working around the market contacting people who are in search for a job. His name is Adam and he has been working at NJW from the beginning of January. In this short time, Adam has already claimed his spot in the team and also been a great asset in building relationships with third party providers. Maybe you will find out more about that topic later on this spring, just wait!

But now on to the interview…

Adam was born in Gävle, Sweden and ended up in Norway in 2012 by following the example of a few friends. His friends were living in Stavanger in Norway and Adam decided to try the same thing himself. He moved to the beautiful western coast of Norway to work at a grocery store. He was working at the fish counter enjoying his job very much. The best part of the job was to be close with customers, making them smile!

“Now I am an expert on how to fillet a fish”

Originally he was thinking to stay in Stavanger only for a year and then go back to Sweden, but destiny decided to come into play and Adam ended up meeting his current girlfriend which was an event that changed everything. After awhile they decided to move to Oslo together to build a life in Norway.

As for hobbies, Adam loves vinyl records and he collects them. It is in fact a hobby for his whole family in Sweden. They have a tradition to send each other new records with little notes and anecdotes about the record and the musician and that is a way for him to keep his family close, even when living in different countries and not being able to see each other very often. Another thing that Adam loves to do is laundry. Yes. He enjoys taking up the time to do laundry on Sundays and he even has set up a “holy ritual” around it as he calls it. He wakes up super early in the morning, organizes the clothes, collects a pile of dirty ones, sets up the washing machine and then makes himself a cup of coffee. While the machine works, he enjoys his coffee with a good book. In Adam’s opinion it is the perfect relaxation combo!

Before starting work at NJW, Adam used to work with temp-staffing within the healthcare industry. In his previous job he was recruiting people from all over Europe to work in Norway and now he does the opposite. Also, after 4 years of temp-staffing, he wanted to have a new challenge and try recruitment. He got in contact with our company and instantly felt like this is something he wants to do next. And as you know, the rest is history!

Welcome Adam! We are really happy to have you here and we expect many more good things from you in the future.

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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