Howdy! Today it is finally the time to reveal the last person of our newest additions to the Nordic team. Next week you’ll still find something interesting to read when I jump over to our sister brand’s blog to introduce our newest German recruiter, so don’t worry about this fun thing ending quite yet. 😉 So on to today’s topic, our second new addition to the Norwegian team. Let me introduce: Viktoria Hjelle!

Viktoria comes from Norway, Oslo to be more exact. She grew up in a very small but loving family with one younger brother. As a child, Viktoria loved everything and anything that could bring out her creative side. She used to make everything from mixed tapes to necklaces! Additionally, she says she has always loved reading a lot.

When asked about her personality. Some words that would describe her best as a person, she says she is a caring and curious person. Her favorite place in the world is Edinburgh because, according to her, it is the most beautiful city with a rich history.

For her profession, Viktoria is a Bachelor of marketing management. She went to school in Bergen and studied in BI the Norwegian business school, but her final bachelor’s thesis she wrote about human resource management. Quite perfect for someone working in recruitment, right? Before she started her job here in the greatest team on earth, she worked quite a lot within the service industry – mostly in restaurants and shops. During high school, she worked in a children’s clothing store and a café. After high school, in 2014-2015, she spent a year in Orlando, Florida working in one of the coolest jobs for high school graduates, which is at Walt Disney World. Her job there was to be a cultural representative.

During her time in Florida, in the US, Viktoria learned how different other cultures can be from what she had been used to back home. For example, the work-life/free time balance was very different from Norway.

Living and working with people from all over the work gives you new perspectives and ideas about how things are or should be.

In her spare time, Viktoria loves to cook. She is a big foodie and loves spending a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. Additionally to cooking, she reads books, hangs out with friends and family, goes on walks, does yoga and much more.

Of course, before ending our interview, I had to ask why did Viktoria choose to work in recruitment. According to her, recruitment has always been a business that fascinates her. She loves talking to people and also wanted a new challenge after her studies, and luckily she found us and got hired! We are happy to round up our Norwegian team to 5 people now and excited to see what kind of opportunities this will bring us.

If you want to have a chat with Viktoria, you can check out her profile and contact information from this link here. This Wednesday we are actually all traveling together and this time, we will have our annual kick-off in Lisbon. So, if you want to follow our little adventures there, you can take yourselves to our Instagram (here) account and see what goes on when we travel. See you there!

Nina Filpus – Marketing Manager

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