Happy Thursday folks! As I promised last week, we will be sharing a story about another one of our newbies on here this week. This one comes from Sweden and is the newest member of our Swedish team, let me introduce, Maja Andersson!

Maja, as mentioned, comes from Sweden, from a small village in the countryside. Back in the day, she loved building huts in the forest with her friends. Having no mobile phones at that time made kids very creative. Maja’s family consists of her parents and one older brother. As a person, Maja describes herself as someone who is always up for trying new things, experiencing the world and going on adventures. She says she is a curious person which makes her interested in so many different things.

For her studies, Maja went to the Linnaeus University in Sweden, where she studied tourism science and finished with a bachelor’s degree. During her studies, as an adventurous person, she also did an exchange semester at ISCTE business school in Lisbon, Portugal. At some point, she also worked in Lisbon, which is now her favorite city in the world, due to the fact that in Lisbon you get the best of both worlds, the beach life, and the hustle and bustle of the city. In regard to working life, she has a lot of experience of working in customer service but she has also spent one year working with sales in Malta. That is also how she met one of our colleagues, our Client Relationship Manager Charlotte, and that is one of the reasons, why she currently works for Nordic Jobs Worldwide too. And what is more, Maja has also worked as a Swedish teacher for immigrants. What a diverse person!

In addition to her experiences in Portugal and Malta, Maja has done some volunteer work in two different non-profit organizations in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in Brazil. She actually did that straight after finishing high school, because it had always been her dream to go to Brazil. So, this means that Maja moved abroad the first time at the age of 19, pretty cool!

Last time (Salvador) I went through the organization AIESEC and I worked in a project where the aim of the project was to make children and teenagers aware of UN’s sustainable development goals.

We seem to have some philanthropists at the office since our latest introduction last week mentioned Julie doing similar things too. I am impressed!

Maja loves traveling and exploring new locations, so that is also one of her hobbies. Otherwise, she enjoys spending time with friends and catch a movie at the theatre every now and then. 

For the last 2,5 years, Maja has been living abroad and now, partly because of our lovely Charlotte, we got her up here to the north again. Living and working abroad taught her to have a lot of patience and to adapt to different situations and cultures. She says taking the step to move abroad has been simply the best thing she has ever done. 

The experiences you get from places, people and cultures are worth more than money can buy. 

Additionally to growing as a person, living abroad taught Maja the Portuguese language. Maybe we have our new Portuguese speaking recruiter right here?

Now on to the last question of the day. Why did Maja decide to work in recruitment? When asked this, she says that she wanted to work in the recruitment business because she really wants other people to get to experience similar things as she has, meaning that she wants to help everyone find a job abroad and leave for an adventure. Also, she likes working with people and being social, so it suits her personality very well in addition. I think that sounds like a great combination to do a great job here! So, if you want to have a word with Maja, you can find her contact information on her introduction page here. What are you waiting for? Start your process now!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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